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Kinemaster For Pc (Windows 10/8/7) Free Download

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Kinemaster for pc is a photo and video editing tool which provides the users with a lot more features and professional help on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). It is one of the most professional apps and is user-friendly. It is not costly like other professional apps and is the best alternative for doing every work which is handled by a professional app.

From editing images to videos, it ensures best and also provides the users to trim multiple audio tracks or the volume envelops control and much more. Make sure to read the article thoroughly and get a perfect guide for Kinemaster software free download for pc and installation.

What is Kinemaster?

The most popular and an amazing free video editor application is Kinemaster for laptop. Previously it was only available for the android users but now one can download it on PC or laptops and on many other platforms too. It has come ahead in the competition and offers a great efficiency to the users. So, for ones who are looking around for amazing video editing software, Kinemaster is your final destination. Simple, easy to control and attractive offering best User Interface. No unnecessary advanced toolkit has been provided there and the app has a user-friendly graphical interface.

Using Kinemaster app one can easily edit the images and videos. For ones like short filmmakers and the YouTube content creators, Kingmaster is a right help with professional-level editing tools. Layers of images and videos with the facility to trim and cut videos and make multi-track audio, all can be done through this app. The best part of it is, there is no requirement for a paid version as it is completely free for its users.

Download Kinemaster for pc

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Kinemaster For PC Features:

The capabilities of video editing offered by kinemaster software free download for pc is attractive and user-friendly. It offers the users with advanced tools which are generally not available in any other generalized app. Lots of transition and effects which one needs to use in videos is supported by it and it also provides multi-level texts and images and much. Personal sketches or scribblings can also be added using this app to the videos.

The app is also available in subscription service but the paid version, i.e., KineMaster Pro is not to be worried about. The free version too has amazing features, which have been listed below:

  • Effects, burns, music and the overlays, all can be added here. The app also offers the users with its in-app store or the Asset store which can be used for elements download.
  • Using kinemaster app download for pc, the users can edit or trim videos based on per-frame.
  • One does not need to edit complete video and then look after for mistakes as they can have a live preview of their works or edits and check for the mistakes and make an alteration to the spot easy.

Download Kinemaster For PC


  • Texts, video effects (or even draw over videos) and images, all can be embedded in video using kinemaster. Stickers can also be downloaded and added for making the videos attractive.
  • Editing contrast saturation, brightness, hue, all are offered by kinemaster, just like any other image editing apps.
  • One can alter as a separate element, both the audio and videos therein.
  • Animation options offered here which can be used to either add in or do some edit in the video. The video speed and volume is also changeable using kinemaster for pc download.
  • Once edited, the users can share the video with the world directly through the social media sharing options available therein.
  • The app is a free version and can be easily downloaded from Google play store.
  • Backgrounds of videos can easily be changed using kinemaster.

Apart from same, if we consider the paid version or the Kinemaster pro, we find it comes without watermarks and supports variety formats (MP4, MOV, 3gp and much more).

How To Download & Install KineMaster For PC Windows 10 / 8 /7?

As it is known, previously the application was available just for the Android users but now there is nothing to worry for as this article will offer you a guide for kinemater for pc window 7 download. All you need is to follow the steps and then, enjoy amazing features offered by this app on both PC and laptops.


But before we download this app, there is a need for downloading and installing of an android emulator like Bluestacks or NOX on PC which will offer high performing graphics facility.

There are 2 ways to download kinemater app on PC or windows. Either install same using Bluestacks or using Nox app player, the choice is yours.

Download Bluestacks For PC

Using Bluestacks for KineMaster Download and Installation

Download Kinemaster for pc

It comes under market available best android emulators and can be downloaded from the official website, free of cost. It offers an amazing user interface and is meant to speed up the process.

Step 1: Download and install on your PC bluestacks

Download Kinemaster for pc

Step 2: Click on apps button, once the Bluestacks app is launched

Step 3: On the search bar look for Kinemaster app

Step 4: On-screen will appear related apps, click on the choice and install it

Step 5: Login to Google account next for downloading from the Google play store, android apps

Step 6: Once login completes, start installing

Step 7: That’s it, you are done. Kinemater for laptop windows 10 is already launched

Using NOX App Player for KineMaster Download and Installation

Download Kinemaster for pc

Download Nox Player For PC

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Before you download the NOX app player, know that it best powerful graphics performance. It never affects the computer’s performance even when the other apps work at 60 FPS. So, just follow the steps and after download, install Kinemater for pc windows 7 download.

Step 1: Install the emulator on PC

Step 2: For access over Google play store, log in to Google account

Step 3:In the app’s search bar look for Kinemaster

Step 4:Install the same on emulator

Step 5: Once the Kinemaster app is installed, access the amazing features altogether on pc.

Download Kinemaster for pc

How To Use Kinemaster for PC?

One must be thinking how the use of Kinemaster is possible on PC but remember, it’s very easy and works just like it works on android phones. There exist 2 ways of launching. One can either use the desktop shortcut (if same is created) for using kinemaster or they can launch it after opening bluestacks or Nox player. Do not forget to add files for editing in the folder of NOX player. Just follow the steps and ensure best:

 1.  Start with the launching of the NOX player.

 2.  The file to be edited is to be dragged and dropped into NOX player folder by selecting file transfer menu and then clicking on the Open Nox player folder.

Download Kinemaster for pc    

 3.  Select files to be used and then select the parent folder and finally the folder where the files are to be copied.

Download Kinemaster for pc

 4.  Select “copy selection here” from top right screen corner, for pasting.

 5.  Using the “recent tasks” option go back to the home screen.

 6.  Launch the kinemaster and further click on the icon of “clapper board” with a plus sign. It is there in the middle and will help you start a new project.

Download Kinemaster for pc

 7.  Aspect ration will be asked to be selected on the next page. Based on preference select from either 16:9 or 9:16 or 1:1. Once done, it will take you to the main video editing screen of kinemasters. In the right, select the circular menu option and click media.

Download Kinemaster for pc

 8.  Therein the media browser one will find all the dragged and dropped files into the NOX player folder. Simply select a video for edit.

 9.  If you wish to add any layer or effects, use the layer option available on the circular menu on the right-hand side and as per preference select media and add in the video you are editing. Slow-motion or chroma-key (for background) and colour can also be added by clicking from timeline media files.

 10.  If you feel you are done, click play and share it with share icon if you feel satisfied or you can also see in the bottom, options for video resolution and bitrate before exporting the file.

Download Kinemaster for pc

Kinemaster Pro For PC

Kinemaster Alternatives

Kinemaster offers the users amazing features and on the PC one gets a wide screen-size use with this app. But just in case you wish to have an originally built app, specifically available for the PC, there are Kinemaster alternatives which will allow one to edit the videos for both personal and business projects. Do try them before framing an opinion.

It is one of the world’s leading software for video editing which works well on both Windows and Mac and offers much better quality than the kinemaster. One can even go with paying a little charge and use the Adobe Premiere Pro-choice for better and robust editing but the only thing extra which the app demands from a user end is the skills for video editing.

It is again an interesting alternative for kinemaster and is designed especially for the Windows PC. iOS is not supported by it. The app for a users knowledge offers ease in usage and can help to edit the amazing videos with cool features, making it look professional or sometimes even more than the same. Use it either on PC or Windows XP- Windows 10 and start with the video editing tool. It offers amazing features like adding subtitles and getting transition effects and much more.

It is a good video editor choice as compared to kinemaster. It is a video editing software and plays the role of video player too. With one software you get so much together with so many amazing effects like background removal, reverse video option, slow motion, subtitles and alike. For one looking for a fun featured app, the PowerDirector has a lot to offer the users.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1) Is the Kinemaster available for Mac and PC?

Ans. No, it is a mobile application and doesn’t come in a version to be supported on Mac or PC. Although using the loophole mentioned above, you can easily use the app on computers too.

Q2) Are the videos watermarked using Kinemaster?

Ans. If you are using a free trial version, the videos edited through Kinemaster is always watermarked and can be removed by choosing or subscribing to the paid/premium version of same.

Q3) Can Kinemaster edit 1080p or the 4k videos?

Ans. Not all phones have the capacity to allow video editing of 1080p. So, support for 1080p or 4k videos edit is not available directly. So, one needs to convert the video first to 720p and then edit. 

Q4) Do I get more features using Kinemaster on PC?

Ans. No, the features remain the same on PC too when you use the app using any of the emulators.


It is easy to download and install the kinemaster for laptop windows 10. It also offers the users an amazing experience over video editing on a widescreen, after the installation over PC. All the files become accessible and saved to the computer folder directly without continuous transfer of videos from PC to smartphone and vice versa. So, download the app and enjoy a hassle-free experience and get the best and efficient quality videos to edit without paying for same.

We hope the article provide you with adequate knowledge about kinemaster download and usage on pc and the ways to do so. Get the app today and have a wonderful experience.

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