Live Net TV for PC Download [2022 Updated]

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Live streaming of programs and channels is loved by all. With the advancement in technology, today the same can be done from anytime anywhere with a good connection and application. Considering upon such applications, live net tv is the application which offers such services with hundreds of channels and 7 categories including sports, cooking, entertainment, kids, religion and music. Famous around the world, this application can be downloaded by people easily.

The livenettv offers users the high-quality content (HD and SD) and for what it offers, it is one source of entertainment package for people in the countries around, India, United Kingdom, United States of America and many.

Remember, there are many applications on the Google play store but they are either not ads free or pop up free or hold the malware risk and viruses too but with live net tv for pc, you might not face any such issue. Just follow the steps and get access to the amazing application.

Features of Live Net TV for PC

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No matter one is using Mac or Windows, the below-mentioned instructions will guide through for downloading and installation of the live nettv for pc will guide you through.

Step 1: Before you download the application, one needs to download the emulator, Bluestacks. It will help ensure the PC to support the application. So, either visit the official page of bluestacks or download it from link given below for direct download.

  Live TV Net Apk

Download BlueStacks

Step 2: Once downloaded, install the same and when done, click finish and create an account there for free.

Step 3: The next step will be to download, Live NetTV APK file after the folder icon opens. Use the link given below and download it in the latest version.

Live TV Net Apk

Live TV Net APK

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Step 4: Once the APK file is downloaded, open bluestacks and add the Net tv apk file by clicking on APK button. Next click on the open button and this will ensure the file installation using the emulator.

Live TV Net Apk

Step 5: With the installation complete, a NetTv icon appears in the emulator. Click on the same and ensure yourself to have live net tv pc and free live streaming of favourite shows and movies.

Live TV Net Apk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1) Is this application free for use?

Ans. The application is free to use. Just download it using the emulator, install and enjoy unending access over the movies and your favourite shows.

Q2) Android emulator, can the application be downloaded without using it?

Ans. As the computers and laptops do not provide the facility to directly download and use android apps, so one needs to start with downloading an android emulator and further ensure themselves with the downloading and installation of live tv pc or mac.

Q3) How many categories are available for one to stream?

Ans. 7 categories including sports, cooking, entertainment, kids, religion and music are available for one to stream with more than 750 channels therein.

Q4) Can this application be downloaded on the Tablets?

Ans. Yes, the application is free for download on the tablets and ensures an amazing experience just like one would have over a mobile phone or a PC.


Make sure to follow the steps completely and we assure you would never have to miss any of your favourite shows or movies. Stream on live tv on pc and have an amazing time with the movies and shows for free on both windows and mac. Try it and stream using it today. We hope the article will prove to be useful by all means.

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