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Best Free Video Editing Software [2022 Updated]

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Content creation has reached its popularity in recent years. Unlike previous times, making videos and sharing them is much easier for projects, portfolios, and other purposes. The advancement of some of the best free video editing software makes these tasks simple. Featured with multiple user-friendly features, anyone can create videos and edit them as per their requirement with a little bit of knowledge.  

The top free video editing software enables you to make Hollywood-level videos that will catch the viewer’s attention. In some cases, you also need to upgrade yourself and your editing software to make the videos more professional. If you are a beginner and want to gain experience before investing in an expensive editor, pick any helpful software and serve your purposes.

As editing videos is a popular hobby among people, you will locate several free editing software in the market. So, are you looking for one? Do you wish to take video editing as your career or profession? If so, then you are at the right place. This article is all about it, as you can select the best editing tool and learn the top software for your PC and mobile. So, do not wait and read the article now.

How Do I Choose A Video Editor?

Selecting the top free video editing software should be your first move if you decide to begin creating videos. There are multiple choices out there, and as a result, making the best decision is crucial to get the best. To choose the top editing software, you must contemplate the below factors before settling. 

Ease of Use

When searching for a free video editor for pc or mobile, all you need is a user-friendly software that is easy to learn and use. That is why always look for video editors that offer pre-built templates and auto modes. Auto modes will assist you in importing media files with ease, and you can make the videos faster. Besides, you can use the templates to place your video content and make it look like the professionals.

Editing Tools

Having a video editing app for pc or mobile with advanced features and tools is crucial to dazzle the viewers. So, when picking one, you must look at the below features to reap the benefits when you create videos. 

  • 360° video editing
  • MultiCam designer
  • Object motion tracking
  • Quick video rendering
  • One-click color grading and correction
  • Chroma key editing
  • Simple upload system

Supported Video Formats

This factor is vital if you require editing your videos from action, drone, and 360 cameras. Remember that people want high-quality videos. So, you must select editing software that can export videos in high-resolution and popular formats. If you can determine this, you can also upload them to YouTube without any trouble. 

Adjust Aspect Ratio

It is crucial as video dimensions alter across social channels. For example, you will need horizontal videos for YouTube, vertical for Instagram, and square videos for other platforms. Therefore, acquiring the ability to adjust the aspect ratio of your videos will help you optimize them for each platform. Hence, consider this factor when selecting a free video editor for pc or smartphone.

Additional Features

The most popular free video editing software for pc or other devices allows you to add graphics, captions, background music, and several other effects. So, before settling for any, verify whether your preferred editing software offers you these additional features or not. After all, you do not want to spend your bucks to get these, right?

Best Free Video Editing Software for Desktop:

 As you might know, you will find multiple free editing software for pc. Some might give you basic features and the others will offer better tools and additional facilities. So, you must select the best one that suits your purposes. That is why below, we have penned down the top three video editing software for your desktop so that you can determine which one is suitable for you. 

PowerDirector Essential

If you are a newcomer to the video editing field, you must consider choosing this free video editing software for your desktop. It offers multiple features and lets you dive into vital editing tools, transitions, and effects. The free version of PowerDirector Essential is ideal for you as it suits all your video editing requirements. Besides, it also has a premium version which provides several other features that sometimes come in handy if you want to take your video content to the next level. The fascinating thing is that the premium version is affordable. You might not imagine that this best video editing software for pc has won many awards like the prestigious PC Magazine Editors’ Choice award. With its professional tools and advanced features, you can make your videos Hollywood-style that catches the viewers’ attention. So, if you want to use it, you must read the below features that the free version offers

  • Titles
  • Timeline, Storyboard, and Slideshow interfaces
  • Speed Controls
  • Access to Cyberlink’s tutorials
  • Overlays
  • Transitions
  • Special effects
  • Chroma Key
  • Masks
  • Blending Modes


  • Multiple tools and features
  • Many editing styles
  • Simple to use
  • Different blending and masking modes
  • Offers speed controlling facility


  • Watermark-related issues
  • Limited exporting formats for a free version


If you are searching for the best video editing software for pc for free, you can look at Lightworks. This versatile video editing software can be your ideal option as it offers multiple features. Lightworks is an NLE or Non-linear Editing System designed specifically for editing and creating videos. In 2017, it got the EMMY award for introducing digital nonlinear editing. It is a well-liked and preferable video editing tool as it supports cross platforms. It means you can use Lightworks on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Though you can directly export your created videos to YouTube, you can do it in the MPEG4/H format only in the free version. Besides, when exporting, it will put a watermark on your video also. But regardless of all these, Lightworks is an outstanding alternative to begin in the video editing world. It is simple to use, has multiple editing tools and features, and is compatible with many video formats. 


  • Offers tutorial access
  • Second monitor output
  • Multicam support and editing
  • Compatible with every operating system
  • High-precision video trimming facility


  • Cannot export video to 4k format in the free version
  • The free version allows you to export videos in MPEG4/H format only


VideoPad is one of the best video editors for pc. The developers design it especially for beginners who want to use versatile video editing software. It has various pre-made transitions and sound effects with multiple features like camera shake reduction mechanisms. It is easy to learn and simple to use software that requires no extra talent. VideoPad supports commonly used file formats, including Windows Media Video (WMV), Audio Video Interleave (AVI), DivX, and 3GP. You can upload your videos to YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr without any hassle. Unlike other editing tools, VideoPad has two screens. One is for the selected video and audio snippets review, and another is for reviewing the entire track. Besides, it supports many video effects, transitions, colors, and text. In addition, you can edit two content simultaneously in the VideoPad. Though there is versatility in exporting formats, you only get AVI and WMV format in the free versions. You will get several features and plugins in its premium version. But this video editing software for your desktop is helpful, and you can create stunning videos with it.


  • Easy to use
  • Offers multiply prebuilt transitions
  • Hassle-free uploading system to YouTube and social platforms
  • It has two screen
  • Work with two tracks simultaneously 


  • Get two exporting formats in the free version
  • Compatible with Windows only

Best Free Video Editing Software for Mobile:

You will find multiple video editors for your smartphone, but without a proper one, you can never fulfill your purpose. After all, all you want is a user-friendly and convenient editing tool that can work faster and offer quality output, right? Well, for this, look at the below three video editing software for mobile.


Create and edit your videos anywhere with this versatile editor. FilmoraGo is a pro video editing tool that helps you to edit your content with just a smartphone. It incorporates all the necessary editing functionalities that you will find in any standard video editing software used on the desktop. This editing tool enables you to make a slideshow of media files like images and soundtracks. Besides, you can also merge, trim, rotate, and crop your videos and include background music. Not only this, but you will notice some special effects in the app like filter and title effects, animated text, overlay, motion elements, and so on. The developers make it by keeping in mind user-friendliness. As a result, the easy-to-navigate features and interface will help you edit your content, and you can also share them by a single tab on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. An interesting fact is you can import music from the iTunes library or record your music with this tool. So, these characteristics are beneficial if you want to create your videos without spending much time and effort.


  • Royalty-free music
  • Offers music cover feature
  • Includes features like trim, transition, split, reverse
  • Provide exceptional features
  • Easy sharing option


  • Watermark-related problem
  • Limited access to tutorials and features in the free version


KineMaster is probably the most renowned and used video editor for mobiles. It is a full-featured video editor that has a multitrack timeline feature. You can easily import media files and move them with your finger by the dragging and dropping option. Featured with multiple video editing alternatives and tools, you do not need to worry about the video quality, as you can improve it with them. KineMaster is free to use, but you can purchase the premium subscription to remove the watermark, and you will also get an ad-free user experience. You can crop, cut, and combine your videos with stickers, text, special effects, and images with various features. You can also include video covers, voice changers, music, and sound effects. Equipped with 2,500 plus downloadable effects, fonts, animations, stickers, KineMaster is unarguably one of the best video editing software for smartphones. In addition, sharing is also easy, and you can share your videos to any social platform, be it YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram Stories, Reels, and Feed.


  • Save the video in 4K 2160p at 30FPS
  • Include a color adjustment tool
  • Offers motion layers options with the keyframe animation tool
  • Includes ducking, and EQ presets ducking, and volume envelope tools
  • Slow-motion and blending mode


  • No ad-free operation 
  • Have to purchase the premium version to remove watermarks


If you want a video editor with all the essential tools and features, you might consider downloading AndroVid on your mobile. It is a free video editing software or application that has numerous features. You can edit, trim, and cut your videos without giving much time and effort. You can also include music faster compared to other video editors. AndroVid offers you the option of attaching effects, text, and frames to your videos. You can use effects like swapping, fade-in-out, and slow or fast motion to your creations to make them look professional. It has frames that you can utilize to show it on the first screen. Besides, you can use the frames to create slideshows with special effects and music. But instead of all these, AndroVid enables you to convert your videos into mp3 format without any cost.


  • Easy to use tools and features
  • Offers a variety of features in the free version
  • Equipped with multiple special effects and frames
  • Converts videos into mp3 format for free
  • Makes removing unwanted parts easy 


  • Editing on the tablet is daunting
  • Limited free version

Best Free Video Editing Apps for Instagram:

Instagram reels are a trending thing, and as a result, you also want to make short video content to boost your followers. But for this, you will need the best video editor with multiple features and tools, helping you edit and publish your content on Insta. To assist you with the finding, below we have shortlisted 3 top video editing apps for Instagram. 

Instagram App

You might never imagine the Instagram app itself is an outstanding video editor, which significantly helps the user create Insta reels. Though you will not get many tools and features like other editors, you do not need to download any other app and waste your phone storage. You can easily record your reels and share them without any hindrance. You can record them in segments with the assistance of the Align tab. You can merge many clips into a single one by using this tab. As a result, you can create high-engaging short reels with ease. As you might know, you can use Instagram on any OS, be it iOS or Android, for free. All you need to do is go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store application, download it, create or log in with an account, and you are ready to make your video. So, why bother about finding other video editing tools? Use Instagram now and share your content to grab more followers.


  • You can record in segments
  • You can add background music
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Features some trendy filters
  • You can adjust video speed and set a timer


  • Limited features and tools
  • You cannot add music to your reels if you have a business account

Adobe Premiere Rush

If you want to make Instagram videos and edit them, you might consider using Adobe Premiere Rush. It is a versatile video editing tool that helps you significantly to create engaging content. It incorporates multiple stunning features that assist users in creating unique video content that will eventually grab the attention of the viewers and followers. Interestingly, you can add motion graphics to your reels by using Adobe Premiere Rush. Not only that, but you can also employ the zoom effect to offer your videos a professional look. Besides, you can also utilize pre-built templates and color preset to make videos faster and creative. Equipped with animated titles and video transition effects, Adobe Premiere Rush is something every Instagram user requires to produce their content. Anyone can use it for free and get access to many features and effects.


  • Multiple unique prebuilt video template
  • Equipped with auto-reframe feature
  • Color preset and color correction option
  • Voiceovers and audio tracing feature
  • Supports motion graphics


  • Limited transition effects
  • No in and out editing option


WeVideo is another well-liked and versatile video editing app for Instagram. It has a user-friendly interface, and anyone can use it without much trouble. You can create Instagram reels and easily upload them on cloud storage. As a result, you can save your phone storage also. Besides, it has a unique feature that can sync multiple devices to edit Insta reels as per your requirement. It can be your ideal friend if you want to make short Insta videos and get followers. You will not only save your videos to the cloud, but you can do it at 4k resolution also. Though you will get access to all the features in the free version, it is helpful to some extent.


  • Featured with Green screen effect
  • You can add motion titles
  • Cloud storage facility
  • Supports videos in 4k resolution
  • Suitable for the short videos


  • Privacy-related issues while sharing
  • Full-program is costly

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some of the FAQs related to the best video editing software.

  • Which video editor is best for YouTubers?

You need to select a simple, effective, and easy-to-navigate video editor for YouTube. You can use Lightworks as it has a combined YouTube exporting feature with real-time effects. Besides, you will find other alternatives also that best suit YouTubers.

  • Are free video editors good enough?

The answer is yes. If you are a beginner, you must start your video creation with the best free video editor. Many of them offer you several features and tools, and you can easily cut, trim, add music, images, and upload your videos.

  • What is the simple video editing tool to use?

You will find multiple easy-to-use video editors on the internet. Besides, the above software and apps are also simple and effective as they have several features. Some video editing experts recommend using KineMaster for beginners, as it has easy-to-use tools, blending modes, video reverse option, and others. 


Videos are now imperative to make anyone’s social presence unique. For this, what is better than Instagram reels? The high engagement of reels assures that your profile will get all the viewers’ attention and eventually boost your followers. But for this, selecting the best free video editing software for pc or mobile is crucial to make fast edits and add sparks to the videos. By using the best editing tool, you can not only edit your video content but make your videos like a pro. The prebuilt templates and various features help you to do so. So, do not waste time; choose the best one, and begin creating.

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