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Making money has now been a challenging task. Every sector that pays a respected salary, demands some outstanding skills. Technical skills have been on the hype for ages. Not everyone is capable of sitting in front of laptops for straight 7-8 hours. 

Besides this, entertainment is also one of the common necessities of each one of us. To avoid boredom, people try their hands on various latest movies, series, etc. they even play board games with their friends and families. All of you must be cricket fans. Sitting in front of the television and watching cricket makes you feel relaxed.

Dream 11 APK

Have you ever thought of playing the IPL matches by yourself? Thanks to the dream 11 apk for turning this imagination into reality.

You can play IPL matches virtually using the dream 11 app download. The application is a huge platform where users can try out their luck. They can select their own team members and can play accordingly. 

Want to know more about the dream11 apk download the latest version? Read the article below to get a detailed description. 

Dream 11 APK

What is Dream11?

Dream 11 apk is one of the most famous sports fantasy applications serving millions of users all across the globe. It is the perfect application for all game enthusiasts to play their favorite sports and to outshine their skills. The users can not only play their favorite games but can even win exciting rewards. The rewards are to be known as real money or cash. 

It offers a wide variety of sports from which you can select one of your choices. Thus, there are a lot of options put forward to you. You can play all the interesting contests with other players to accompany you. The entire contest is based on the performance of the team. The team who plays well, scores higher points and attains higher ranks on the leaderboard as well.

Dream 11 APK

You are given the best opportunity to select your team as well as the opposition teams. Besides this, the dream 11 app download offers various features as well. All of these exciting characteristics together make it a good yet useful application.

How Does Dream11 Work?

Dream 11 apk has a variety of sports games for the users. A player can select their favorite sports to play. The players are given a fair chance for selecting the fantasy team members for their match. One can take part in various competitions to win exciting prizes. Every player is awarded fantasy points that are truly based on the performance of the player. The entire team also scores some points as well. The leaderboard then ranks the team based on their performance. The team who achieved the highest ranks are then awarded the prizes. The best part about the application is that the contests include many other contests as well. Thus, you have a high chance of winning. 

This is how the entire dream 11 apk works. 

How Does The Dream11 Login Work?

After you have successfully installed and are done with the dream11 apk download the latest version and its setup, you need to log in to the application. After logging in to the application, you can start playing your favorite games for free. 

First of all, you need to create an account on the dream 11 apk and join the game using the same account. Here’s how to create a new account on the application.

  • If you are registering on the application using the dream 11 referral code, you will earn a Rs. 100 bonus for joining the application.
  • Launch the application on your device, you will now see a statement “Have a referral code?” if you have the code, click on the “Enter code” option below the question.
  • Enter the code and click on “OK”. After this, you will get an account opening form displayed on the screen.

Dream 11 APK

  • In the “Invite code” field enter the referral code you have, and move further.
  • Now, fill in all the other details such as your mobile number, email id, and password.
  • After this, click on the “Register” button located at the bottom of the page.
  • Your account has now been created.
  • Now you can click on the sign-in button and use the same account to sign in to the dream 11 app download.
  • You will reach the login page. You can log in to the application either through your Facebook account, Gmail account, or using your phone number.
  • Using Gmail is the fastest option, permit the application through your Email and continue further.
  • You have successfully logged in to the dream 11 apps to download the new version.

Dream 11 APK

  • Select a game, create your team and start playing the game and earn rewards.

How To Play Dream11? 

Playing a game on dream 11 app download requires multiple steps to be followed. It is a stepwise procedure that has to be followed in the proper order. Let us discuss each step in detail.

Select A Fantasy Game That You Want To Play-

  • The first mandatory step is to select a game that you want to go further with. The dream 11 apk download latest version offers a large variety of sports games that the users can play. Some of the most-played games are-  Hockey, Cricket, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Kabaddi, Basketball, etc. 
  • Once you have found out the game of your choice, you can now select the match you want to play.
  • After clicking on the match in which you have interest, you will get a list of all the contest matches available at that moment.
  • Select the appropriate contest match and move ahead.

Build Up Your Team In The Dream11 Download APK Game-

The second step is to build up a team. To play either of the matches, you must have your team. For example, if you want to play a cricket match, you are supposed to create both of the teams. Your team as well as the opposition team. 

Whenever you play matches such as a cricket match, you have to stick to certain rules and regulations while building up the teams. Let us discuss the rules to build a team in the dream 11 app download. 

  • The users can select only 11 team players. They cannot exceed this limit.
  • If you are playing a cricket match, then you must select the members of both teams. Your team as well as the opposition team.
  • The users have to select at least 3 players for a team. On the other hand, one team can not have more than 7 players. So choose accordingly.

Dream 11 APK

  • A user is rewarded with a total of 100 credits. Every player has some allotted credits.
  • You can view the scoreboard to know the fantasy score points awarded to each player after the tournament is over.
  • Even the percentage of people choosing a particular player for the game is even mentioned on the dashboard.

Take Part In The Contest-

The next step is to select and participate in a contest. Every contest has some predefined entry fees that the player has to pay. Also, the number of seats in a contest is fixed. Once all of them are occupied, you cannot participate further in the contest. So, join the contest fast before it gets occupied. 

  • Select the appropriate contest that you want to play.
  • Just sort the contests based on their entry fees, prize pools, type of contest, etc. 
  • Some contests do have zero entry fees. Thus you can enjoy playing the contest for free and can get amazing rewards in return.
  • Just pay the required entry fee, using either of the sources, via Google pay, credit cards, debit cards, or through net banking. And start playing the game.

Follow Up The Game-

Take regular follow-ups of the contests you take part in. when you are in between the game, you can analyze the performance of your team members. Every player earns fantasy score points for every game that they play. So, you can easily compare the performances just by looking at the score points. 

Dream 11 APK

Take Back Your Victory And Get Real Cash-

  • Once you have finished the contest, you can have a look at the leaderboard. The leaderboard clarifies the situation you are in.
  • You can identify whether you are going to win or lose. 
  • If you are in the winning position, your dream 11 app will be added with the reward you have earned. 
  • Now, you can even enjoy playing other contests or can withdraw the cash reward as per your choice.
  • The minimum amount of money you can transfer to your account is Rs.200. Besides this, you can earn a total profit of Rs. 2,00,000. 
  • All you need to do is to verify your account, transfer your money and start enjoying the games.

dream 11 app download

What is the Fantasy Points System in Dream11 APK?

Have you ever wondered about what the Fantasy Point system is? If not, we have the answer. Read the section below to know everything about this system. 

The entire dream 11 application game works on the Fantasy point system. The point system used in the dream11 download apk is derived from every sports fantasy application under the dream 11 app. There are multiple game choices available for the users. Every game has a point system. The users score different points for different games. The number of points achieved by the user depends upon the mission/levels passed by them. It truly depends upon your performance. Playing well can let you score more points which in turn will let you earn huge rewards. 

Dream 11 APK

As soon as you pass a particular mission or achieve higher ranks in either of the sports fantasy applications, more scores are added to your scoreboard. Thus, you can win huge cash rewards if you are in the highest ranks.

The dream11 apk download latest version includes an in-built feature that allows you to get a detailed view of all your score points. You can get the entire point system mentioned in the dream 11 apk.

The application also includes a list of all the rules and other situations where the users can get a chance to win higher rewards by following them. Every competitor is assigned a score point that makes it easy for you to calculate your rank.

Dream11 APK Download Latest Version:

Let us move to the next section. Now, it’s time to learn the downloading steps. We will be providing you the download link for dream11 apk download the latest version. Many people have raised a query to know about the dream 11 app download. If you are also unaware of the dream 11 apk downloading steps, then you can refer to the below steps. 

  • The first step is to check whether your device is accepting the downloaded files from unknown sources or not.
  • Now, click on the “settings” option, go to the “security” feature, click on the unknown sources option.
  • Now, you have to check if the feature is enabled or not. If not, then you have to toggle the button and enable the feature.

Dream 11 APK

  • Once you are done enabling the settings, you can now process to download the dream 11 apk file. 
  • Click on the download link given on this page, and start downloading the apk file on your device.
  • You can see the downloading status from your browser’s menu.
  • Once the file is being downloaded, it will be saved on the download’s page of your browser.
  • Open the downloads section and click on the downloaded file once.
  • The next step is to perform the installation process.
  • As soon as you click on the file, a new window will appear on the screen.
  • It will prompt you to grant permission to the window for installing the application.
  • Click on “yes” or “OK” or the Install button to start installing the setup file on your device.
  • Wait for the file to be installed on your device. It may take some time as the dream 11 apk file is of greater size.

Dream 11 APK

  • Once the file is installed completely on your device, you will see an icon on your desktop.
  • Click on the icon and launch the application on your device.

dream 11 apk

More About Dream11 App:

As you are aware that the dream11 apk download, the latest version, is the most famous application. This is due to the ample number of features that the application provides to the users. Here are some of the highlighting features of the dream11 download apk. 

  • User-Friendly Interface- Dream11 application has a clean and neat interface that can be used by anyone. There is no such technique to use it. All the features and options are listed on the homepage of the application. Moreover, both downloading and installing the application is a quick process. You can find all the possible options right in front of your eyes. Hence, no scrolling to the main menu.
  • Chances To Win Real Cash- You can earn real money while playing your favorite sports on the dream 11 apk. Just create your team with the required number of players before starting a match. Pay the required amount of subscription fees and start playing the game. You will be rewarded with real cash based on the rank and score you earn.

Dream 11 APK

  • Free-Of-Cost Services- The most interesting feature of the dream 11 app download is that you do not have to pay anything to download and to use the game. You can just do it without paying any fees. The application rewards you with a 100 Rs. bonus after you sign in to the game. You can play games with this reward and can earn more.
  • Create Custom Contests- The dream11 apk download latest version has added a new feature of creating contests. Here, the users can create custom contests with an entry fee. Anyone can join the contest and the winners will get the rewards set by you. This makes the application more creative.

Dream 11 APK

  • Variety Of Sports- The application is in partnership with various tournament organizers such as BBCI, Kabaddi, IPL, NBA, etc. You can find almost every game of your choice. It provides every form of entertainment to the users that contribute to being one of the best fantasy sports applications ever.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is the dream 11 apk always helpful?

The application is not always helpful. It has both pros and cons associated with it. They are as follows-


  • All of the different versions of the dream 11 apps were downloaded on various third-party websites.
  • Both downloading and installing process is so quick.
  • Once downloaded the apk file, it will be saved in your device’s memory. Thus, the application can easily be installed and uninstalled multiple times.


  • It is not always beneficial to download any application using third-party software. This is because Google is unaware of them. As a result, they can harm your device.
  • Some Apk files are meant to copy and steal the data from your device.
  • These applications do not get permission to update. 
  • How to withdraw my money from the dream 11 app download?

Perform the following steps to withdraw your money.

  • Log in to the application using your dream 11 apk account.
  • Click on the “My Account” option located on the main screen of the application.
  • If you have your account verified, you will get to see a withdrawal option under the Winning tab section.
  • Click on that option, after which you will be asked to specify the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Now, you will get a confirmation from the application’s official on your email ID. Once done with the procedure, withdraw the amount, and you are done.
  • Is it necessary to get my account verified? How to do it?

Yes, verifying your account is the most important thing you must do. Without having your account verified, you cannot withdraw your winning amount for real cash. The steps to verify your account are as follows-

  • Log in to your account in the application. Go to the main menu section and click on the “verify now” option.
  • You will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number. Through this, your contact number will get verified.
  • You will then receive an Email on your mail id to verify it. In that verification, you need to enter your details such as PAN number, Aadhaar number, bank account details, etc.
  • Once done with all these steps, you have to wait for some days. You will receive a notification within 100 working days.


Hopefully, all of you have read our review of dream11 apk download latest version. This article must have been able to depict some useful information about the dream11 apk. Have you downloaded the application? What are you waiting for! Go, read the downloading steps, and download the game to have fun. Also, you need not worry about the playing methods if you are a newbie here. We have also included the steps to play the dream 11 apk game to make it much easier for you to start. You can use the comment section below to raise your queries. We will be there to help you out for sure.

Dream 11 APK

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