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Phoenix OS Download For Windows 10/7/8 [Latest]

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The Phoenix OS download for PC, ISO installer is an android operating system just like Windows, Linux, etc. It allows you to cast or run android applications on your desktop. The users can play unlimited applications on their PC. Social media applications, productive applications like MS office suite programs or any apps which are lightweight can be run easily on your PC or desktop.

Gaming always requires high specs of your desktop and a friendly environment so that the users can have an intense gaming experience. Besides this, there are several other important android applications that are used repeatedly. Android devices have small screens and low screen resolution which makes it difficult for the users to focus on them. Also, the gamers face trouble playing the matches on their mobile screens as it is quite stressful. How about using those applications and playing games on your PC or desktop? Thankfully, the Phoenix OS download allows you to do so.   

As compared to other Android desktops OS, the phoenix 64 bit OS is quite flexible and inexpensive. It provides several APK hosting sites that can be used to download applications on your PC. This is because the Phoenix OS does not support Google Play services. This doesn’t mean that the OS lacks the main features. It inherits all the exclusive functions that provide quality performance.

Phoenix Os Download

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Important Features of Phoenix OS:

phoenix os download

Features are the most highlighting specifications that enhance the performance and quality of the software. Likewise, the Phoenix OS download for PC software inhibits such remarkable features. Let us discuss them one by one in brief.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The Phoenix OS software includes a proper button for each task. Through this, the user can accomplish the desired chore. The users can perform various activities like changing the size of the window, or change the appearance of the software. You can directly access the menu using the Phoenix logo. Also, it allows a google account of the user which can be set up within seconds.
  • Free Of Cost: The software provides all its services for free. The Phoenix OS free download does not charge anything to access its specified features. Instead, it provides complete control over the software.
  • Multiple Tasks: The Phoenix OS supports multitasking and is so quick as compared to other android applications. The users can work on multiple tabs or windows simultaneously. It allows instant switching between various applications which in turn increases efficiency.
  • Better Compatibility: With different variants of the devices, the Phoenix OS free download has better compatibility than any other software. The software is compatible with all versions of Windows such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
  • Instant Response: With the Phoenix OS download, the users can perform their tasks in less time. The software offers instant response and does the work quickly. The users can easily write text, send mails, copy the notes and can even switch mutual tabs immediately.
  • Multiple Gaming Options: For users who are fond of playing games, this feature helps them a lot. The Phoenix OS 64 bit software allows customization in the controls of their games. The users can shift their controls over other keys to play intense matches. Moreover, the software supports the HDR feature that helps in the development of graphical cards for the games.

Phoenix Os Free Download

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Why Do You Need Phoenix OS Over Windows?

Most of you may still wonder why you should use Phoenix OS download over your pre-existing Windows OS? Here’s what you should know. Given below are some of the benefits of using Phoenix OS over Windows.

  • The Phoenix OS is a fast processing system as compared to Windows.
  •  It supports all the common shortcuts which are used repeatedly by the users. This makes all your tasks easier.
  • The Phoenix OS supports all the file management software which makes it easy to operate the system and its functions.
  •  It also supports mouse and keyboard which is helpful especially for the gamers. Also, it includes a LAN access system, decompression of files and other features also.

Hence, the above points are enough to prove that Phoenix OS is not inferior to Windows. Instead, it is the best OS alternative.

Download Phoenix Os

How To Download The Latest Version Of The Phoenix OS Key?

After knowing the features, most of you might be curious to use this software. We have written down a complete procedure that will guide you thoroughly. Now without wasting any more time, let us move straight to the steps to download Phoenix OS.

  • The first step is to download the Phoenix OS file.

Visit the official page of the Phoenix OS and search for the download link. You can also use the one available on this page. There may be files for both 32 and 63-bit OS architecture. Select the one according to your system.

  • The downloading process will start. Wait till it is over.
  • Once done, you can now see the executable file in the form of .exe on the desktop.

  • Right click on the installing file or the setup.exe file and click on “Run as administrator”.
  • Now, we have to install the Phoenix software on our device. After opening the setup file, you will see 3 options displayed on the screen. They are- Install, Make U-disk, and Uninstall. The second option is used to get the software in a pen drive. Now, click on “Install” and go ahead.

NOTE- The Phoenix OS does not harm your pre-existing files of the Windows OS.

  • A window wizard will now open up which will prompt you to select the drive in which you want to install the Phoenix OS. Scroll the list and click on the preferred drive. Although, Phoenix OS has nothing to do with your Windows, still it is recommended to use another drive that does not include any of the Windows OS files.
  • Once you have selected the partition drive, click on “Next.

  • A new window will now be displayed on the screen with several options of data size. Data size is the memory allocated to the Phoenix OS which will be used to install either of the applications from the Play store. The data size cannot be changed once it is being allocated. So it is advisable to occupy maximum space. Click on the 32 GB radio button and then click on “Install”.

  • Now, the process will start which will compress or decompress the data size images as per the selected data size. Wait until the process is being finished.

  • Once the images are decompressed and your android is being added with the boot value, a setup wizard will now ask you to reboot your device. Click on the “Reboot now” option.

  • When you reboot your system, the entire Windows 10 menu will appear on the screen which will include Phoenix OS as well. Click on the Phoenix OS to boot this Android PC OS.

  • Now the system will complete the file setup and other settings on its own.

  • Once done, the Phoenix OS download will start on the screen. You now have to select a language from the drop down menu. The default language is Chinese. Choose the language you are comfortable in. And then click on “next”.

  • You will now see a license agreement with certain terms and conditions applied. Click on “Next” to proceed ahead. You can even read the agreement if you wish to.

  • Now, the OS will have some security updates and some application updates as well. You can connect your device with a WIFI or can even do this from the OS interface. Click on “Next”.

  • Now create an account and enter the name for your Phoenix OS account. And click on “Finish”.

  • Your Phoenix 64 bit OS is now ready to be used as an alternative OS. You can refer to the image below, which depicts the appearance of your Phoenix OS download.

NOTE- If in any case, you want to remove the Phoenix OS from your device, just follow the same procedure, and instead of “Install”, click on the “Uninstall” option.

Phoenix Os 64 Bit

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What Happens If You Don’t Activate It?

Is it necessary to activate my Phoenix OS free download? Yes.

Do you know what activation does? It adds various features and enables it to function accordingly.

Here are some problems you may face if you do not use the activated or the latest version of the Phoenix OS free download.

  • Using the outdated version reduces the effectiveness of the OS. You may not be able to perform more complex tasks on your device.
  • The latest version comes with an extra security patch which prevents your system from being damaged by either of the sources. Thus, there may be a risk of harming your device unknowingly.
  • The outdated version consequently stops receiving further updates which may disable some of the pre-existing functions.
  • You will not be able to run applications from various other sites. This will block some of the highlighting elements of your OS.
  • Moreover, the users will be notified repeatedly which may cause inconvenience to them.
  • Also, the OS may start displaying some of the annoying pop-up ads that will create nuisance and will trouble the users more often.

So, if you do not use the latest version, your device may work in a limited edition only. Thus, it is quite important to update your OS regularly.

Phoenix Os

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System Requirements Of Phoenix OS Download For PC:

The specifications of your system play an important role in the functioning of any software such as the Phoenix OS. Software like these has some minimum requirements below which it cannot work. So, if you want the Phoenix OS free download to be optimized with 100% efficacy, your system must inhibit the below requirements.

  • Operating System: The Phoenix OS supports all Windows versions starting from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
  • Architecture: The software supports only 64-bit architecture OS.
  • Memory (RAM): The software requires a minimum of 2 GB of DDR3 or DDR4 RAM.
  • Processor: It works perfectly fine on both Intel and AMD Dual Core CPU processors having SSE4.2 set of instruction support.
  • Hard Drive: It requires a minimum of 10 GB of free hard disk storage space for the installation process.
  • USB: Ready to use USB flash drive of at least 8 GB free memory.
  • Graphics Card: It requires graphics of NVIDIA or AMD desktop with a minimum of 1 GB VRAM

Network Connectivity: The software requires strong internet connectivity of the broadband.

Phoenix Os Download For Pc

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Frequently Asked Questions:

This isn’t enough! We have something more for you all. When it comes to getting any new software, people search out for its reviews or the queries of other users. Likewise, we have gathered some of the most common questions which are asked more often by the users.

  • Is there any other OS that can be used as an alternative to the Phoenix 64 bit OS?

No doubt, there are several other OS that acts as a substitute to the Phoenix OS free download. They are as follows.

  • Prime OS
  • Maru
  • Open Thos
  • Anbox
  • AOSP Extended and many more.

But out of all these, the Phoenix OS is quite fast and reliable due to which it is the most widely used OS all across the world.

  • How to uninstall the Phoenix OS download from my PC?

If you wish to remove the Phoenix OS from your device, follow the steps given below.

    • You have to reboot your Windows 10 OS again. Select the OS from the boot menu and allow your device to boot.
    • Once done, double click on the setup.exe file and run as administrator.
    • Now, you will see 3 options. Click on the “Uninstall” option and move ahead.
    • The wizard will ask for your confirmation whether you want to uninstall or not. Click on “Yes”.
    • The process will be started. Once it is over, click on “OK”. The OS is now being removed.
  • Why is my system not responding to the PUBG mobile game?

The PUBG mobile game supports 64 bit OS only. The Phoenix OS is an open-source software used for x86 android applications. So, it is mandatory to have a 64-bit supportive device to play PUBG mobile.

  • Is the Phoenix OS free download free to use?

Absolutely yes, it is a freeware OS and is licensed to work on both 32-bit and 64-bit OS. The users can have free access to it. You just need to download and use the OS without paying a single penny.

  • Does downloading Phoenix OS may cause harm to my device?

No, the Phoenix OS is directed only to run android applications on your device. It is free from viruses and malware and does not harm your device. Moreover, it has nothing to do with your pre-existing OS. It has its own interface on which the user can run whatever they want.

Phoenix Os Download

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For people who want to experience the best gaming support, the Phoenix OS download for PC is the best OS they can ever use. The OS is easy to install and set up on your device. You can refer to the steps above. It is advisable not to download mobile or PC games from any third party apks. They may harm your device. The developers have come a long way with regular updates. 

So, users who do not have the high configuration of their PC or Android can still avail the benefits of the Phoenix OS download. Hopefully, all of you are now satisfied with the description written in this article. It has proven to be helpful to you. Also, drop down your comments and queries in the comment section below. Your questions will be answered shortly.

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