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6 Best Kickass Torrent Alternatives – Latest Guide 2022

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The kickass torrent website is more likely to be a pirated website that provides copyrighted content to the public. The users get entire access to various types of content such as movies, web series, TV shows, music etc. Moreover, the website also contains games which attract the users from all across the world.

Movies, series and several other entertainment shows are the best way to accompany you in your leisure time. Not everyone is fond of getting all the paid or premium versions of websites like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon prime video, ZEE 5 and many other platforms. So, as an alternative to this, they search out several torrent websites providing the same content for free. Torrenting is known to be the most widely used peer-to-peer method for file sharing. It allows both uploading and downloading of content and works through various kinds of management software. Whenever you use any torrent website, privacy becomes your main concern.

From the perspective of an individual who is not much into the field of such networks, it is quite hard to trust any unknown torrent website. On the other hand, websites like kickass torrent provide safe and secure access to the copyrighted content without revealing your identity. The kat kickass website encrypts your personal information into a set of code that is impossible to crack. Well, there is much more to know about the kat torrent website. Read the below information to acquire more knowledge.

What is Kickass Torrent?

Kickass torrent is one of the most popular and widely used file-sharing torrent websites that allow free access to the latest movies and shows. It consists of all the file directories and their magnet links through which the user can easily exchange files. They can even upload or download files on this torrent website. The kickass torrentz website not only includes movies but has a wide variety of media to share. The list of media files includes music, videos, movies, games, e-books, and even some amazing software. 

The database of this website is quite large and allows easy navigation. This has eventually enhanced the performance and made torrenting more organized as well as an easier task. Due to several reasons, the kat kickass was forcefully shut down by the US government. Because of this, the website stopped functioning for a while. Thankfully, the developers came up with new domains which again started the kickass torrent website through different names and platforms.

Now, what makes the kat torrent website so popular? Here are some reasons to be taken into account.

  • The presence of 50+ categories was the sole reason to have crossed millions of visitors per month. It includes several categories of movies and shows which makes it worthwhile to use.
  • The website adds an extra layer of security to your personal details which prevent them from getting leaked.
  • The Kickass torrent website does not charge a single penny from the user. All its services are free of cost and even have no in-app purchases.
  • The user can download movies or other shows in their preferred quality. It supports downloading and uploading any content in ultra-HD quality.

Is Kickass Torrent Still Online?

The Kickass torrent is the most widely used website. But unfortunately, due to some copyright issues, the website was taken down by the US government which apparently stopped the working of this website. However, soon after the enforced laws were shut down, the developers again came up with the kickass torrent website in a different way than before.

The website now reappeared with various other links and proxies that were identical to the original kickass torrent website, but not exactly the same. Some of the new kickass sites or proxies are as follows-


The above websites can be considered as the clones of the kickass torrentz website that allows you to download copyrighted content with extra safety and security. There may arise some situations where you cannot access some of these new kickass sites. There is nothing to worry about. Your ISP would be the ultimate reason behind it. All you can do is, use a VPN after which you can access all the above websites.

NOTE- Remember that all these websites have different developers and so, their functions will not be identical. Each website works according to its specified functionality.

Kickass Torrent Alternatives Reviews:

Each one of you might be familiar with the kickass website and the kickass alternatives. But getting confused about which of these alternatives are best and what to use? Let us guide you through some of the best kickass alternatives from which you can select as per your preference.

The Pirate Bay:

kickass torrents

The Pirate Bay is the first and the most preferred torrent website in years. With a huge collection of files in its library, the website stands out among the top 5 torrents. It allows fast downloads of its content which makes it easier for users to watch their favorite shows without any interruption. Moreover, its easy-to-use interface paved the way for the website to hit millions of visitors on a regular basis. It covers all the popular shows, Web series, movies, games, etc. the website contains some exclusive features which make it handy to use. The virtual tag feature displays whether the website is safe to use or has any dangerous elements attached to it. Unfortunately, the website is being blocked in some regions, due to which the people have to switch to some other kickass alternatives. But you can even access the website using a secure VPN by changing your IP address and location.


new kickass site

For people who want immediate response and escape from several hours of scrolling, 1337X is the best choice they can ever make. It focuses mainly on TV shows, movies and series that help to build up an easy-to-navigate home page. Also, it includes several search options which make browsing so quick. The well-structured interface provides an option to browse the content on the basis of multiple categories. The categories include new releases, award-winning content such as Oscars, and many more. All the torrent files and magnetic links can be accessed through various categories. You can search for them according to their genres. The only drawback of the 1337X website is that it has a small list of shows and movies as compared to other websites. Also, it does not include games that can be disappointing for gamers. Due to some issues, the website may stop working, for which we have listed some of the active domains of 1337x. So, the mirror websites of the 1337X are as follows-



kickass alternative

The other best alternative to the kickass torrent website is RARBG. It involves the biggest collection of libraries with 10+ kinds of media files such as movies, audio, video, shows, web series, etc. the website was originally developed in 2008 and is constantly running for years. The interface of the RARBG website is somewhat unclear and is not easy to use. It offers a vast collection of all the latest and newly released torrent shows. The users can enjoy fast downloading as the website includes the best networks. Moreover, the website supports high-quality torrents by which the users get the opportunity to enjoy their favorite content in good qualities such as 720p, 1080p, and even 4k. All these features helped the website to cross an average of 40 million visitors per month. Unfortunately, due to piracy issues, the RARGB website is being blocked in several countries. The users of countries like the UK, Denmark, Portugal, Bulgaria are restricted to use the services of the RARBG website. But, as already mentioned, VPN is the ultimate solution to such problems. Pick out the best VPN and change your location to use this website. Following are the active domains of the RARBG site.



kat torrent

YTS is one of the most astonishing and exclusive websites with the best torrent services. It is the go-to platform for users who are fond of or are very much interested in binge watching movies. The display library of the website is quite appealing as it covers all the genres and categories of movies irrespective of the year of its release. It includes all the latest, ancient, or rare movies which are in huge demand. Its impressive and phenomenal user interface is the sole reason for having immense traffic on the website. It has covered around 75 million visitors in a month which is no doubt, quite surprising. Some of you may have devices with low bandwidth and may think of not having access to torrents. To help the users with this issue, the website has an option to compress your downloading content. With this, you can easily download and can binge-watch all your favorite movies with ease. There is something to be taken care of. The website also contains some illegal torrent files of the latest movies. It can be dangerous if you accidentally get your hands on it. It provides a high download speed of about 3-4 MB/s which is quite fast. Some of the active domains of YTS websites are as follows.

  • and many more.


kickass torrentz

If you are a die-hard fan of video games torrent, then Zoogle is the best kickass alternative for you. It includes one of the biggest display libraries of several types of video game tracks. With a medium downloading speed of about 1-2 MB/s, the website has crossed an average of 5 million visitors in a month. As compared to other websites, the number of visitors on Zoogle is quite limited. This is because the Zoogle website is well-known for gaming torrents which are not enough to gain huge traffic. Talking about the interface, the website has a simple interface with no such attractive designs but is no doubt, a user-friendly interface. The users can easily navigate through the web page without any help which is itself an appealing feature. The advanced search feature allows you to browse the content according to categories and genres. The most annoying thing which a website holds is the constant pop-up ads. They appear repeatedly which might irritate you. In addition to this, the website does not contain a variety of digital products which is one of the drawbacks of this site. Some of the active mirror domains of Zoogle website are as follows-


Lime Torrents:

kat kickass

The last kickass alternative of this list is the Lime torrent website. The website follows all the community guidelines as it includes only those torrents which are approved by the users. The website has undergone several developments which enhanced its display. As compared to Zoogle, the Lime torrent website does not contain many advertisements which is another plus point in the list. Moreover, the website offers a medium size library of various contents such as movies, shows, and many more. It also has several search options which makes it easy to search for your favorite content. The website offers a downloading speed of about 3-4 MB/s which is quite good. Till now, the website has successfully crossed 20 million visitors in a month. While browsing the web page, you will come across its extended library which has some limited content only. It does not have a tremendous number of seeders due to which the website lacks the old torrents. Given below are the active domains of Lime torrent.


Do you Need VPN for Kickass Torrent Alternatives Sites?

It is mandatory to use a VPN to get access to the kickass torrent. Whenever you access any such pirated websites, using VPN is a must as it deals with your safety and security. It protects you from anonymous activities. No doubt, privacy and safety are all that matters. Using any torrent website may allow viruses and other malware to enter your system. The following are some of the reasons for using VPN while surfing on kickass torrents.

Bypass Torrent Bans: Several websites are blocked in some countries. And if you belong to that particular country, you cannot access these websites legally. And to bypass such torrent geo-blocks, you need a VPN. It allows you to connect to the server of another country through which you can easily access these blocked websites.

Protect Privacy: While browsing over torrents, there is a possibility that the government official might be tracking you. They will get all your details. To protect your privacy, a VPN is a must. It encrypts your data and information which protects it from being tracked through any IP. Also, it acts as a barrier for the virus or malware to enter your device.

Avoid Legal Complications: Several torrent websites contain copyrighted content. As we know, pirating any copyrighted content is illegal. It may lead to some legal actions being taken against you as it is considered a crime.

The above point proves how helpful a VPN may come out to be. Hence, it is advisable to use a VPN every time you browse websites like Kickass torrents.

Is Streaming from Kickass Torrent Safe?

The answer to this question is quite inconsistent. It depends on several factors such as your current location, the laws of your country and many more. Talking about our country, piracy is a punishable offense. The government has banned these pirated websites. But you can be in safe hands if you choose the best torrent websites like kickass torrentz or kickass alternatives. Kickass torrent is a safe website that focuses on user’s torrent safety as well. There are things that you should keep in mind to ensure your torrent’s safety.

  • Always use a VPN while connecting your device with the KAT torrent. There are multiple choices for VPN, such as the Express VPN, CyberGhost, Private VPN and many more.
  • Do not land up downloading the copyrighted content. It may lead you to get into legal trouble. Before downloading, make sure that the content is accessible by the public and is shared legally.
  • It is highly recommended to use a better antivirus program to eliminate virus or malware attacks.

The Kickass torrent is absolutely legal and is helpful to protect digital privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Now to have a better understanding of the kickass torrent website, we have gathered some of the most commonly asked questions. They will help you to relate your queries to them.

How to use VPN to access the kickass torrents?

Follow the steps given below to use VPN before accessing the kat torrent website-

  • Select the VPN to be used.
  • Download and install the VPN application on your device.
  • Set up the VPN service on your device.
  • Connect to any of the preferred locations.
  • Your VPN is now ready to be used while visiting the kat kickass website.

Which is the best VPN to use while downloading movies from kickass alternatives?

There are several VPNs available on the internet. But it is difficult to choose the best one among them. The criteria to choose the best VPN are the performance and its network settings. The one with advanced network settings and more updated features will provide the best service. On this basis, the top 5 best VPNs are as follows-

  • Express VPN
  • Nord VPN
  • Private Internet Access VPN
  • Surfshark VPN
  • CyberGhost VPN

How to download movies from kickass torrents?

  • Visit the official webpage of the kat torrent website.
  • Browse the home page and search for your favorite content.
  • You can even search it in the search box located on the top side of the screen.
  • Click on the download button provided on the screen.
  • Wait till it gets completed, then enjoy watching it offline.

Does kat kickass have any application for its website?

No, the website does not have any official applications. Even it is not at all mandatory to use any application. The website contains all the contents. You just need to browse the home page, search for the desired content and can watch it both online or offline. To add the website permanently, you can add the extension on chrome so that you do not have to search for the web page again and again. The website is light in weight and operates well without buffering.

Is the kickass torrent or the kickass alternatives legal to use?

The kickass torrent website cannot be considered illegal but sometimes the website offers access to some of the copyrighted content. For this main reason, the website was banned. And to continue the service offered to the users, several kat alternatives were introduced which themselves provide pirated content.


So, here we would like to conclude this article. We have covered every possible topic which you should know. As long as you use the kickass torrent website, you need not worry about your safety and privacy. But, never trust either of the unprotected networks as they may track your activity. Keep your VPN handy while browsing the KAT kickass websites. By the end of this article, we hope that all of you are now comfortable with the website as you have gained enough knowledge. On this note, if you have any more queries left, drop them in the comment box below. All your queries will be answered as soon as possible.

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