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Kickass Torrentz2 Alternatives [100% Working 2022]

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The kickass torrentz2 download is one of the top-leading websites and is popularly known as KATCR. The website is a complete package of all the torrent files and their magnet links as well. It works as a Peer-to-peer file-sharing medium with the help of different BitTorrent protocols.

Over the past few years, all of us have been occupied with a few or more works to accomplish. This is where we spent the maximum time of a day. The same routine sucks. In this time duration, we barely discover ourselves. This becomes the main cause for creating a distance between our closest family members as well. The daily-life activities are exhausting if they do not contain any sort of mind-diverting element. One way is to hang out with your cedar ones. But what if no one wants to. In such situations, the best way to enjoy it is binge-watching your favorite movies or shows to lighten up the atmosphere.

Now where to find movies? As known, all the movie streaming applications are paid and demand a subscription amount for a couple of days. This is where the kickass torrent search engine comes into play. It is a torrenting website that offers free access to all the newly released movies, songs, games, etc. It includes all the download links through which you can easily download a variety of content. Let us discuss the kickass search engine in detail.

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What is Kickass Torrentz2?

kickass torrentz2 alterntives

The kickass search engine is a huge website with millions of users from all across the world. It involves a wide variety of content such as songs, videos, music, movies, games, and other files as well. Moreover, the website has a massive database of all the available files that increases the probability of getting the files we are searching for. The website has a user-friendly interface that allows easy navigation all across the home page. Also, the website is an open-source platform thus no one would ever miss a chance to use this unique database of multiple categories.

The kickass torrentz2 download website is one of the best places to get your favorite content. It provides several other features that collectively make it more popular. Although the website was shut down by the American government, the developers still have had a hope that the users might still be searching for it. Thus, to overcome this loss, the kickass torrenz movies website has successfully created multiple kickass torrentz2 alternatives providing the same services.

All the content available on the websites are available in different languages such as Hindi, English, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi, etc. Thus every user can get their content easily irrespective of the language and area they belong to.

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Is Kickass Torrentz2 still online?

The kickass torrent search engine was shut down in the year 2016 and ever since the new websites have emerged. The website is known to comply with the DMCA rules and as a result, the website was removed from the servers. These proxies are developed as an alternative to the kickass search engine. All the domains and proxies look identical to each other and offer similar facilities and services as well. The kickass torrentz2 website was originally blocked by the Australian ISP’s because it violated the rules and regulations of the Internet browsers. Through these clones, you can have access to the websites without any restrictions. So, here are some of the proxies and domains for the kickass torrentz2 download site. The list is as follows-


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Kickass Torrentz2 Alternatives Reviews:

Since the original website was shut down, I have no hopes that it will be back soon. Due to this reason, the users have to look out for some of the kickass torrentz2 alternatives. There are a few mirror websites as well that can be treated as one of the alternative ways to access the files. But what if they do not work? So, here we will be discussing some of the best alternatives to the kickass torrentz2 download website. They are as follows-

The Pirate Bay

kickass torrent search engine

The other most famous torrenting website after kickass torrentz2 is the Pirate Bay website. It was launched in the year 2003 and is the oldest torrenting platform. The website is known to have the biggest collection of torrent files and magnet links as compared to its competitors. The website has an estimate of around 10-20 million visitors in a month which is a huge number in itself. It provides high-security tracks that are used to warn the users whenever it detects any unusual activity. The website faced multiple blockages and servers down which made it a difficult task for the developers to make the website active again.

Moreover, the PIrate Bay website offers a large database with numerous categories of movies, music videos, games, and a few software as well. The most interesting feature that the Pirate Bay inhibits is the virtual tag. It specifies the authenticity of the website. When you open the site, the virtual tag will mention whether the torrent you are using is safe or not. So, looking at the facilities and the services provided by The Pirate Bay website, we can conclude that it is one of the top-leading kickass torrentz2 alternatives in the entire list.

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kickass torrenz movies

The other best alternative for the kickass search engine website is the RARBG website. It was founded in the year 2008 and works in collaboration with several other domains as well. After the Pirate Bay, the RARBG website serves as the best torrenting website all across the world. The website clocks in around 40 million visitors per month which is a huge figure. The RARBG website is known to have a wide collection of content in its database. The categories of content include movies, music videos, games, and some other types as well. It supports high-quality downloading and uploading of the content. Thus, the users can enjoy watching the movies in HD quality.

It provides a personalized experience for the users visiting for the first time. But the only disadvantage of this website is its interface. The homepage and other web pages do not deliver the information in the right manner. It also contains numerous pop-up advertisements that annoy the users. The website had to face legal pressure from the BREIN organization of the Netherlands. As a result, it was forcefully shut down in December 2008. Since then it is banned in countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK, Denmark, Finland, India, Portugal, etc. Some of the mirror links for the RARBG website are as follows-


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kickass torrents not working

YTS is another interesting website for users willing to find a better torrenting website. It responds well even in low bandwidth. The YTS website works by compressing the file that allows the user to stream in HD quality with low-frequency bandwidth. The YTS website is more particular about movies. The website provides a downloading speed of about 3-4 MBps due to which it has successfully attracted over 75+ million viewers. It has a unique and user-friendly website with an attractive library of content. The website includes all the torrents such as the old, rare, and comedy movies of torrents as well. The users can easily download all the content in HD quality using torrent links.

The only disadvantage associated with the YTS website is that it focuses mainly on the movie’s torrent links. Thus you will not be able to find other categories of content such as music videos, games, etc. Some of the active working links of the YTS website are as follows-


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kickass torrentz2 download

The next most interesting torrent website is LimeTorrent. It is more likely a search engine and acts as a host for the users. This search engine does not include the files within itself, but rather it allows the users to find the torrent files for the content they were looking for. It shows the results from other websites. Since the website acts as a search engine, it provides a wide range of content from each category. The most important factor of the Limetorrent search engine is that it is a friendly website. It does not support any search related to adult material or content.

This is what makes it a different and unique search engine. The Limetorrent website is a sort of community hub where people can easily interact with others. The users can create their profiles and can post their comments to initiate a discussion with others. It offers a downloading speed of about 4-5 MBps and hits a target of about 20 million visitors in a month. Thus, it is a decent alternative at times when the kickass torrents are not working. The active mirror links of the Limetorrent websites are as follows-


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kickass search engine

The next torrent website on the list is the 1337X website. It was established in the year 2007 and is popular for providing torrent files and their magnet links as well. The files are shared through the peer-to-peer method. When the users faced the Kickass torrents not working issue, the 1337X website became a second-tier option for them. After this time, the 1337X website gained an enormous population. This website again has a huge database with various categories. The website also has undergone several repairing systems that added new functionalities and some attractive features too.

The 1337X website has crossed over 65+ million views which is one of the biggest online communities of all time. It provides strong competition to other torrenting websites and for which it is known to be as reliable as the kickass torrent search engine. The users can search for their favorite content using the categories available on the website. While the other torrent websites were banned, the 1337X website managed to remain active continuously.

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Do you need a VPN for Kickass Torrentz2 Alternatives Sites?

This is the most common doubt of all the users. While using the kickass search engine on your device, it is necessary to maintain a safe and secure environment for yourself. VPN and other such applications offer extra security to the users. It helps them to hide their natural identity from any of the servers. They often do not have any log policies as well. This policy allows the software to delete all the browsing data and history of the users. Besides this, it prevents the sharing of data with any other applications as well.

Thus, using a VPN serves all these features and helps you to remain confidential. Whenever you connect your device to any of the safe VPN networks, you are disconnected from your local ISP server. This allows you to have a safe and secured tunnel of networks and your internet traffic as well. Through a VPN, you can change your real location and can stand on a safer side. While using any of the private networks, there is a possibility that your data may get accessible in the wrong hands. Thus, it lowers down the risk of getting your online activities tracked by any third person.

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Is streaming from Kickass Torrentz2 Safe?

This is something that depends upon the location from where the users are trying to access the website. The kickass torrentz2 download website is banned in several countries and if you try to access it within the same country, you may get into legal issues. However, some countries have openly announced these websites as legal and their usage as well. Thus, anyone belonging to that country can easily use the kickass search engine. So, the answer to this question is a “Yes”. In our country, India, all such torrent websites like kickass torrentz2 download are considered illegal. The users are also asked to stop its use. Whenever you access the kickass torrenz movies website, you will receive a certain amount of warnings from the government. Sometimes, your ISP prompts you to not visit the website and even your website may be blocked through the ISP’s.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We have listed some of the most important and frequently asked questions that will help you to clear all your doubts.

  • What are the pros and cons of the kickass torrentz2 download website?

The kickass torrent search engine website has both advantages as well as disadvantages. So, let us discuss some of the main points of both sides.


  • It has a peer-to-peer system because the users do not have to depend on any of the thor-party servers or generally termed as the central server. The website includes multiple servers that come into play when a particular server fails to respond.
  • It ensures fast downloading and uploading speed. It involves more than one source to download a particular media.
  • The website offers multiple varieties of content for the users.


  • Most of the content on the kickass torrentz2 download is copyrighted material.
  • We cannot determine whether the file is valid or not. Even though the files may be good but still some files may be corrupted as well.
  • The peer-to-peer system may sometimes put you in danger. This is because your IP address may get exposed.
  • What are the ways to access the kickass torrentz2 alternatives in a safer mode?

There are multiple ways through which you can access the kickass torrentz2 alternatives safely and privately. They are as follow-

  • Tor Browser- The first way to access the website is by using the Tor Browser. It stands for “The Onion Router” which is a source for you to get connected to the dark web. It is an anonymous server that helps to create a safe environment for your data.
  • Web Proxy- The web proxy works similar to that of the VPN. It is more likely a web version of the VPN server. Whenever you use a web proxy on your device, you are asked to enter the server location that you want to get connected with. This helps to hide your current location and then your location becomes undetected by the ISP’s.
  • VPN- Using a VPN is the safest and the most secure way through which you can use the kickass torrentz2 website safely. It offers a wide variety of facilities along with a secure tunnel to bypass all the obstacles in between.
  • How can I download a movie from the kickass torrent search engine?

This is another interesting question so far. Most of you have asked this question repeatedly. So, here are the steps that will guide you on how to get your movies instantly.

  • First of all, install a torrent client on your device to get started with the process.
  • Now, launch the kickass search engine website on your device and search for the movie in the search bar.
  • Now, click on the download button available on the screen. This will activate the downloader on your device.
  • As soon as you click on the download button, the website will prompt you to use the kickass torrentz2. Open the website and start the downloading process.
  • Wait for the file to finish downloading. Right-click on the downloaded file and select suitable software to open and use it.
  • How to avoid the presence of fake files on the kickass search engine and other similar torrenting websites?

There exist several websites that are more likely to have a virus and other malware-affected issues as well. This is the easiest way for hackers to get your personal details in hand. Thus, you should always be careful while using any of these websites. Here are some thumb rules that you should follow while downloading a file through them.

  • Pay more attention to the background of a file that you want to download. If you find something unusual such as the file holding a huge number of seeds but zero feedback, you should be cautious about it.
  • When you download a file, there is no way through which you can check its authenticity. Therefore, you should read the comments made by the public to know well about a particular file.
  • So, if you notice some rare actions, you should definitely avoid using the website to protect your device as well as your data.
  • Are the above-mentioned kickass torrentz2 alternatives safe to use?

Since piracy is an offense, thus all the websites providing the pirated content are also considered illegal. But we have mentioned some of the best kickass torrentz2 download alternatives that will help you to get your hands easily on the available content of all types. But before downloading any particular file, be cautious to determine its validity and authenticity.

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We do not promote any sort of piracy and other pirated websites. These websites involve some risks as well. But, that can be eliminated using the above measures.

So, this was all about the kickass torrentz2 alternatives and some of their components as well. A complete step-wise procedure is mentioned in detail. This will help you to get your favorite movies and shows easily. All the above-mentioned kickass torrentz2 alternatives are best and easy to use as well. It is advised to use legal and safe alternatives as well. Besides this, having a secured network would also help you to be on a safer side. Hopefully, you have got a clear idea about what the kickass torrentz2 website is and how it works. On this note, we would like to conclude this article. At last, you can drop all your doubts and queries in the comment section below.

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