YTS Movies 2022: The #1 Movies Download Website, Is It Legal?

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Everyone who is even a little bit interested in the fiction world would love to watch movies and TV shows. When it comes to getting access to the latest movies, not everyone will be able to afford to subscribe to multiple streaming services. That’s the reason there are so many websites that are providing pirated content. These websites are illegally pirating the content and then offering them to the masses, for free. Another reason people take resort to websites like YTS is that these websites are also offering content that’s unavailable at a particular location.

If you are still wondering whether these sites are legal, you must know that it’s totally illegal. Having these websites will give users the ease of watching all the latest movies. They can also watch TV shows right in their homes. Not only the celluloid, but these websites are also the best source for gamers. They can download their favorite games without spending a single penny. The piracy websites also affect the filmmakers, significantly. Though there are some strict piracy laws, these websites manage to keep a low-key position. They keep providing illegal content to the masses. It was not very long ago when the government banned hundreds of piracy websites to check piracy. However, now, it’s back to as it was.

If you are new in the torrent world, you must be asking quite many questions. In this article, our team has managed to compile all the info that you will need to know. Before you give yourself all into the piracy world, you must know that both, providing and watching pirated content, is a punishable offense under the laws around the world.

YTS Movies Download Website: An Overview

If you are even a little bit aware of the torrent and how it’s used, you must have heard of YIFY. The website is the most popular one when it comes to offering people pirated content over the internet. YIFY has multiple alternative sites that you can understand as its backup where it keeps uploading the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies along with all the TV series. As the quality of the content offered by YTS Movies is in high-definition with super crisp audio, it gained a significant following. Earlier in 2010 when the website was launched, the movies and TV shows were primarily focused on Chinese, Japanese, and English content. Now, it is the most popular website where the masses can find basically any entertainment or professional content, absolutely free.

YTS is also a go-to place for professionals to download any software application they need. The applications that are provided are completely free with all the features unlocked and ready to use. The person behind creating this piracy platform was Yiftach Swery, a computer science genius. It was launched under the short name, YIFY. Later on, when Swery retired, he handed over the website to a group of web developers and CS staff. The homepage of the website will give you a search tool where you will be able to enter the keyword to find the download page.

The movies and all the TV shows that you will find on this YIFY’s alternative YTS are pirated from all the major and minor online streaming platforms. There is also no restriction in terms of the device that you are using. Users will be able to easily access it from desktop or mobile devices. The download speeds that you will get are also pretty fast and the website is based out of Auckland. For the tech enthusiasts here, the website codes are written in PHP, HTML, and JavaScript.

Why YTS is so popular?

Well, it’s already known to everyone that the masses find themselves way more inclined towards the free content. However, this is not the only reason why these piracy websites like YTS Movies are so popular. In this section, we are going to discuss a few factors that play their role in bumping the popularity of piracy websites.

  • People’s Mindset

The primary reason why these sites are quite popular is that the majority of people are not in the position to afford multiple streaming services. YTS is the platform that offers almost all the paid content for free and thanks to the low-cost internet, people find it much easier to just download and watch it through torrent. You can understand it with this example where a backpack is available at $10 at a retail store and it is coming from a reputed brand where quality will definitely be top-notch. A person copied the style and manufactured it with low-quality materials and started selling the identical backpack at $3. You will find a huge chunk of people who will settle for that $3 one.

The piracy websites target this mindset and that’s why it is the primary reason for these websites being so popular. The people who use torrent websites regularly don’t care about the efforts and time that are invested by the filmmakers in producing that particular content. These piracy websites don’t charge you a single penny for any movie or TV show. If you are willing to do a survey, you will find a very small section of our society that is actually willing to pay for the content they consume.

In this pandemic, we have understood many things. One of them is there is no business that hasn’t suffered economically and geographically. The media houses that are producing content and the developers creating games and other software applications don’t deserve their content to be available for free. They are putting in high efforts and seeing their content being pirated will not motivate them to focus on the projects they are working on. It’s the case with most of the small developers and they also don’t have the means and resources to fight a legal battle.

  • Hollywood movie collection on YTS

There is a whole range of platforms that are available on the internet from where users are able to download and consume any movie or TV show. The only difference that you will be able to witness is the speed and quality that is on offer. YTS is able to get such great acclamation mainly because of the easy interface and the quality that it has to offer. Being an avid consumer myself, I can attest that there will be a certain amount you will end up spending but it’s totally worth the entertainment that you get.

The website contains a number of blockbusters and hits produced by Hollywood filmmakers. The movies and TV shows that are released or partnered with the online streaming apps or the ones that are just released in the cinemas are leaked by YTS Torrent. As all the celluloid that is available here comes with separate subtitles files, it also removes the barrier of limiting content consumption geographically. YTS also doesn’t have any geofencing parameters to limit the content for where it was originally released.

If you are wondering what all the movies are available on the platform, it has a wide collection that includes Avengers: Endgame, Parasite, The Lion King, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and many more. Talking about the leaks that the website has done in the recent past are Dolittle, Joker, etc. Apart from the movies that are released on the silver screen, YTS also didn’t skip on the original content that is produced by the online streaming apps. TV shows like Stranger Things, Daredevil, The Punisher, etc. are seen to be easily available on this infamous piracy website.

  • Bollywood movie collection on YTS

For Indians, entertainment means Bollywood. The YTS platform is widely used in India and people are able to find any kind of content on it. Though piracy is completely illegal and is a punishable offense and the government has restricted multiple sites including YTS. However, these curbs aren’t very effective as the developers re-release the portal by changing their extensions. The website manages to keep posting the leaked movies and TV shows, no matter how many governments are making regulations to put an effective ban on these websites.

Thanks to the YTS Subtitles, the Indian audience is also able to watch international content without any issue. As the 4G internet services are also quite cheap and affordable here, the popularity of these piracy websites has seen quite a surge. One of the main reasons is also the lesser per capita income along with lack of awareness. We have been getting to know that TV shows have been downloaded more and more now. Moreover, various new original shows, series are getting released by these online sites or services.

For those wondering what they can download from the YTS YIFY website, it has leaked almost all the superhits. For example, Aanand, Ghajini, Wanted, Billu Barber, SOTY, SOTY2, etc., can be easily streamed from hi-speed servers. In terms of TV shows, you can download The Family Man, Mirzapur, Scam 1992, etc., and old classics like Shaktiman, Fauji, etc.

Is YTS legal?

Well, the simple answer is no. but there are quite many factors that you will need to focus on to get the whole picture. The filmmakers and other concerned parties find it illegal to use because of the primary reason that they aren’t able to earn anything from it. It was a little back when the Hollywood big names were able to eventually find the developer of YTS, Swery, they filed a lawsuit, and both the parties ended up being in court. However, due to extended arguments and counter-arguments, the issues were settled out of the court.

The point that people who are for YIFY put out is that how can it be considered illegal when there are so many users of the paid streaming apps who share their passwords with their friends and family. That is also illegal if the free YIFY streaming is termed unethical. However, the big question here is, how can one wrong justify the other? It all comes down again to the mindset of the people.

When you will take a look at a macro level, you will be able to categorize the audience in basically three categories. The first ones are those who don’t pirate at all and believe in consuming the content only by paying for the subscription fee if a platform requires it. Another category will be those who don’t care about unethical streaming and rely completely on torrent sites. The last one will be those who are in the middle and take resort to these torrent sites to watch a movie or a TV show that’s not released in their country. In India, publishing pirated content is completely banned and if found guilty, heavy fines are imposed.

Why piracy websites, e.g., YTS, are unsafe?

It’s known to everyone that there is a huge risk that comes attached to using piracy sites. The files that you are going to download are illegally compiled on that platform. There is a huge chance that the developers can add some kind of malicious file to these packages. When it comes to streaming content through paid subscription sites, there is no issue regarding getting any malware. The main cause of these malware files are the hackers getting into these infamous piracy websites and eventually being able to inject their virus into the user’s computer/device.

Yes, there are multiple firewalls and anti-viruses are available in the market. They are capable of giving some level of protection to the user. But, it is also seen quite many times when the virus is so finely curated that the firewalls aren’t able to detect it. The worst-case scenario that can happen is while you are endlessly using torrent to download files, and malware quietly enters your system and gets to the wireless network that you are using. Once entered your network, the virus can reach any and all the connected devices, putting everyone’s data at risk. Here are a few more reasons why websites like YTS Movies are harmful.

  1. The virus will have the potential of attempting data theft related to the login credentials to multiple sites. These sites are social media, e-commerce, etc.
  2. It can also allow hackers to use your computer’s IP address to commit offenses.
  3. If you access your internet banking on your computer, the virus can also make a copy of your credentials.
  4. The card information, if you have saved it on e-commerce sites, can be stolen away. Further, it is sold to someone on the dark web.

Top 5 Legal Alternatives for YTS

Now, as we have established that using torrent sites is not a very healthy decision. Moreover, you are putting yourself and everyone on your network at risk. We are going to provide you with a few options where you will get to stream the content legally. Let’s dive right in.

  • Hulu

It is one of the streaming platforms that was not introduced very long ago. Hulu is a Disney subsidiary and the content that you will get here is quite expansive. The service also comes with a live TV option that you can opt for if you want a whole package. There is no free version that is offered here. Moreover, if you want to get an idea, Hulu offers a one-time 30-day trial. The basic plan is priced at $5.99/mo and it will also contain ads.

  • PopcornFlix

With its services in over 60 countries, PopcornFlix is a streaming service. It has managed to gather top spot in terms of providing quality content to users. The most important factor that is a role player behind its popularity is that all the content that’s available here is totally free. It’s a subsidiary of Screen Media Ventures. Now, it is the top contributor to the distribution of movies across the world.

  • Tubi TV

When it comes to legally watching the content, there are various options that are available for free. The platform offers a range of movies and TV shows that are licensed. Also, you will not be indulging in any piracy works. However, Tubi TV doesn’t offer any original content. Also, all you will get is the movies and TV shows that are released by other media houses. You must also not go with the name as it’s not a live TV service, rather just an on-demand streaming platform.

  • Pluto TV

The platform offers both, live TV and on-demand movies & TV shows, and is a subsidiary of ViaComCBS. The platform offers a range of channels that stream live content with commercial breaks just like the traditional content. Apart from these channels, users will also get to consume on-demand TV shows. These are available on other streaming services via paid subscription. Users will also get to watch anything on Pluto TV without user registration.

  • Netflix

It is one of the most famous streaming services that everyone must have heard of. The service is available worldwide with a very huge library of movies and TV shows, with three plans. Netflix also offers a range of Original content that is quite engaging and showcases local cultures and traditions. There is no free content and the basic plan starts at $8.99/month. The Premium plan is $17.99 that offers you to watch on 4 screens, simultaneously.


If we talk about India, YTS Bollywood is the primary reason behind its popularity. The consumers aren’t highly aware of piracy and that’s the reason torrent sites are used extensively here. The government has tried to put multiple laws and regulations in place. However, nothing seems to be able to put a check on piracy. The debate regarding its legality is an ongoing one and piracy is going to stay here for a long time. As we discussed earlier, the only thing that can put a check on pirated content is people’s mindset. Moreover, their awareness of the gravity of the issue is also needed. We hope that people start respecting the efforts that are being invested in creating a movie or a TV show. We hope they understand that the consumption of pirated content is basically stealing someone’s money.

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