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With over 20 million copies marketed globally, you might hear the term PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds or popularly known as PUBG. It is one of the prominent and preferable games of today for all age groups. It is nothing but a video game that offers a multiplayer facility, so people can play the game with others and enjoy it. The game has become a trend, and almost every age group people play it worldwide.

After its release for Windows, it had no popularity. But upon being released on smartphones, it has caught people’s attention like wildfire. But apart from the enjoyment, people also get addicted to this game. It is applicable especially for students who waste their time on this. As a result, they neglect their studies and lose their concentration capability also. It is so because this game slows down their cognitive function. 

PUBG Mobile India Download

But apart from all these issues, PUBG is still a well-liked game among people. Whether you are an iOS user or an Android one, you can easily download and play the game with your family and friends. Besides, there are multiple reasons behind its popularity. So, if you wish to know all information regarding it and do not know how to download PUBG mobile in India, read this entire article now. It has all the necessary details like what the PUBG game is, why it is popular, how to download it on your mobile phone, and some FAQs.  

What is a PUBG Game?

The famous Battle Royale game PUBG was founded by a Korean studio named Bluehole studio. Published in March 2018, this game is undoubtedly a better rival to games like CSGO or Dota 2. In this game, players need to step down on an island by a parachute and gather all the weapons and the other equipment to kill the enemies by protecting themselves. The last player or team standing will be a champion in the end. This open-world game is mechanically and visually incredible, and the game can work on a 4K resolution to offer a detailed landscape view.

You will get mesmerized while looking at the design and understand the developer’s effort to create this game. The weapons will look authentic, and when you shoot, the sound is outstanding as it has distinct firing modes. Not only this, but you also get various weapons from long to short-range guns and bombs. Besides, you can also attach accessories to your rifles like telescopes, extended magazines, and suppressors. On top of it all, you can find the game on Google Play and the iOS version on the Apple App Store. You also get a monthly update and new features that can offer you a better visual description of the game. 

PUBG Mobile India Download

Why Is This Game So Hyped?

As you know, PUBG is a well-liked and famous battleground mobile India game. People of different age groups prefer to play this game every time and at every place. You will see players of the Indian Cricket Team also playing PUBG in their dressing room. But there is some negativity as well about this game.

Parents often claim that their children quarrel with them if they restrict them from playing this game. That is why the developers of the PUBG mobile India APK have created an updated version that enables PUBG players to play it for a limited time. If the users are below 18 years, they can play it only for 2 hours, and those who are 18+ can play PUBG for 4 hours.

Though PUBG has this restriction, still, it is popular among users. You might not believe that no game in India has been as accepted as PUBG. But you might be wondering why so, right? Well, there is quite a reason behind its popularity. To know these, read the below segment now.

  • Offer A Multiplayer Support System

It is one of the prominent reasons behind the success of PUBG as a preferred battleground mobile India APK. An individual player can team up with three players in PUBG. As a result, they can play it with their family members, friends, and colleagues. It also has a voice chat option enabling the players to chat, play, and kill the enemies together. This multiplayer support function makes PUBG an entertaining and relaxing game for all age groups.

PUBG Mobile India Download

  • Works Well In Lower-range Devices

As you might know, PUBG is not a light game. But it works on low-range devices as well if you lower the device settings. The system allows PUBG to cater to most Indian smartphones as most phones in India are mid to low-range. The fascinating thing is that you can play the game on these devices without compromising the quality, as PUBG can operate without any notable deterioration in gameplay.

  • Provides A Frequent Update

The developers of PUBG update the app frequently to offer new features. If you click on the PUBG mobile India download link, you will see, now it has three separate maps, including the default Erangel one. Besides, the two monthly seasons inspire PUBG players to present their best while playing. As a result, they will get an opportunity to improve their ranks and earn rewards also. On top of it all, PUBG also offers a limited playing period to encourage PUBG players. 

  • Offer A Better Playing Experience

Though you will find multiple buttons, the game is simple to play. You might face difficulty in the initial stages as the game environment is detailed and offers the players every potential to investigate even though the timer ticks away. Besides, you will locate elements, like houses, trees, waterfalls, bridges, and mountains, that make this game an enjoyable one. In the end, you will get a refreshing playing experience and eventually get addicted to the game.

  • Include National and International Tournaments

PUBG is not only limited to National tournaments as it offers Global tournaments also. Ever since its launch, PUBG has hosted multiple tournaments for players to display their gaming skills. Global games like the ongoing PMPL South-Asia tournament are a huge success and loved by the gamers. You can play various national-level tournaments, too, like the Oppo-sponsored tournament for college students. These contests make PUBG an outstanding game to play for people.

PUBG Mobile India Download

  • Include a YouTuber Community

Ever since the launch of PUBG in India, there has been a rapid growth in the number of gaming channels you can view on YouTube. Many people now cover PUBG on online platforms and make the game more familiar to people. As a result, these Youtube and online communities increase PUBG’s popularity significantly.

How to Download PUBG on Android and iPhone?

It is now time to check out how to download the game on the various OS of mobile phones.

Downloading Procedure For iPhones or iOS Devices:

If you want to download PUBG mobile India game on iOS, it is complicated or fussy. But, if you execute it properly, you can complete the entire process within 10 minutes. Before downloading, you must remember that you cannot play the Canadian version of PUBG on iOS devices as it is only available for the Android platform. That is why we will discuss Exhilarating Battlefield and how to download it on iOS devices. So, read the below segment and follow the steps to download the official PUBG game directly from the iOS device on iOS 11. But you can also repeat the same process through iTunes if you want. Therefore, the steps are as follows.

Step: 1 The first thing you need is to take your iOS device and sign out of your existing Apple account. For logging out, you will require to open the setting option, select your account. You will find your profile at the top and between the Airplane mode and Search option. After locating, touch on the sign-out button at the bottom. But before doing this, you must perform a full iCloud backup to protect your data from missing. However, your device will notify you about this when you log out from your iOS device. 

PUBG Mobile India Download

Step: 2 After logging out from your profile, you need to get back to the settings and the accounts option to create a new iCloud profile. You have to go through multiple options present in that section until you provide your email id. 

Step: 3 As soon as you put your email id, you need to use your current mail address. But it should be different from the one that you have already used for any subsisting iCloud accounts

Step: 4 After typing your email id, stay on the settings option for verification, password, and so on. You have to continue staying in that option until you have checked your email address and formed the account.

Step: 5 So, now that you have created your account, it is time to go to the App Store and log in to your newly formed account. At this time, you need to offer some additional information. You will require selecting your region or country and have to set up the iCloud account further. You will automatically get redirected to the settings that will display the options like Not Now or agree to the terms and conditions, and then, you need to hit next.

Step: 6 After doing all these, you are ready to download battlegrounds mobile India APK 

PUBG Mobile India Download

Downloading Procedure For Android Devices:

If you are an Android user, do not worry, as you will find the PUBG battleground mobile India download link and install the game on your smartphone. The downloading process is also simple. You can use VPN, but it is not mandatory to download PUBG as you can utilize any 3rd party app. All you need to do is follow some fundamental steps to download it on your Android mobile phone. Here we will provide the downloading steps based on the TapTap app. 

Step: 1 You need to download the TapTap app first by opening their official site. You will get the download link of the TapTap application. 

Step: 2 After downloading the TapTap app, open the APK file and install it.

Step: 3 Now, when the installation is complete open the app and look for PUBG mobile. You will discover two separate versions that are Global and Korean.

Step: 4 Now, you have to decide which version do you want to play the game. After determining, tap on the download option.

Step: 5 To download it, you have to grant storage and other access. After that, you can download PUBG.

Step: 6 Now, when you are done you need to wait for some time for its installation like every application. Remember that though TapTap works without a VPN, sometimes you have to give it for installation.

PUBG Mobile India Download

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some of the FAQs related to the PUBG game.

  • Why has the name PUBG Mobile switched to PUBG Mobile India? 

As per the organization, the upcoming PUBG Mobile game will be called PUBG Mobile India. It is so because the company wants to separate it from the International PUBG Mobile version. Besides, they will also offer some new features specially designed for Indian gamers. These might be the reasons behind the name switching.

  • Will I need to download the PUBG app again if I have it installed on my device? 

There is no clarification about this issue from the developers yet. But as you might know, the company will change its name to PUBG Mobile India and include several new features. So, there might be a possibility that you will need to uninstall the existing version and download the new version for playing. But not to worry, as you can download and install it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

  • What VOIP provider does PUBG apply on PC?

The answer is Vivox.

  • What Anti-cheat does PUBG utilize on desktop?

PUBG utilizes three anti-cheats. They are as follows.

  • BattlEye
  • Their own created anti-cheat system
  • Unknown
  • Will I get range finders?

Yes, as per the developers, you will acquire range finders in the new versions.

  • Can I use binoculars in the game?

Yes, you can use them. 

Wrapping It Up:

So, this is everything you need to know about the famous and trending game PUBG. After reading the article, you can understand why PUBG is still a loveable game among people, especially for youngsters. Besides, whether you are an Apple user or have an Android phone, you can easily download the game by following the above steps and play the game to win. You can play to remove your monotony or for enjoyment purposes with your friends, family, and colleagues. But remember that do not get addicted to this as it will lead to serious issues. After all, being within a limit is always better than addiction.

PUBG Mobile India Download

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