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Best Free VPN For Pc in 2022 [100% Free & Working]

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VPN sounds like a universal remedy for all unnecessary activities. All of us prefer to have our own privacy. What if someone else tries to spy on you and invade your privacy for a bad cause? No one would ever think of being stuck in such a situation.  To prevent such things, one should always use a VPN. 

Having a VPN not only lets you stay anonymous but even adds extra security to you and to your data. It allows you to get access to all the blocked streaming websites with the freedom to get your hands over all the content that you are looking for. 

But what about selecting a premium version or the free VPN for Windows. We are here to solve this query. Read the content below to solve your query and to get your hands on the best free VPN for pc. 

Best Free VPN 2022 – Quick List:

Here’s a short quick list of all the best free VPN for pc that will help you know which one is the best VPN for pc. 

  • Hotspot Shield Free VPN
  • Proton VPN free
  • Windscribe
  • TunnelBear Free VPN
  • Speedify
  • Hide. Me

Is A Free VPN Worth It?

The free VPN for Windows has both perks and cons. Making its use worth it truly depends upon the work or the website you need to have. If you want to add extra security to your laptop and PC, then using a free VPN for windows you can have your things done. All you need to do is just select a VPN, get connected, turn on the encryption, and start your online activities with the belief that no one has their eyes on you. 

But besides this, if you want to stream a particular website, either to download a torrent file or a terabyte, then the free VPN for windows 10 can fail to help you. Some providers put on daily or monthly restrictions on the users. They are for data usage. You will end up consuming this data within an hour or two. Thus, it may not be convenient for you to download the files without interruption.

The Problems With Free VPNs:

Whenever you try to use a free VPN for pc, you may encounter certain issues and problems. Let us discuss the most common problems in detail.

  • VPN May Slow Your Internet Speed- VPN is known to encrypt your connection and before connecting you to a server. Thus, acting as a medium in between, the free VPN for windows usually lowers down your internet speed to a greater extent. This problem causes trouble when you are doing work that requires a higher bandwidth or frequency, you may face network issues.
  • You May Be Restricted To Using Certain Websites And Their Services- Various websites do not allow users from certain regions to access their services. Some of these websites are Netflix, and other streaming websites. They are capable of identifying whether a user is connected through a VPN or other source. As a result, your IP address gets blocked.
  • Causes Legal Issues In Some Countries- In some countries, using a VPN for pc is often declared illegal. In some countries such as China, the citizens are allowed to use only those VPN’s that are approved by the government.
  • Unable To Identify The Quality Of Security- A regular VPN user is unable to identify the type of service they are receiving from the providers. They are unaware of the encryption process that makes it far impossible for the users to be knowledgeable enough. 
  • Interrupted Network Connection- Whenever you experience a server break, all your security and anonymity are lost for that moment. It results in frequent disconnection from the server.
  • Logging Activities Being Used By Third Parties- The VPN providers connect you through their server, by replacing your IP address and encrypting your data. But some of the free VPN for windows 10 log in to your browsing activity. The activity is then shared with any third party who can misuse it. 

5 ​​Best Free VPN Reviews:

Let us now look closely at all the best free VPN for pc. We will be seeing a detailed review of all the VPNs. Read their detailed version out to get the best VPN for pc. Let us dive into the reviews one by one.

Hotspot Shield Free VPN-

Some general data allowance of this VPN are as follows-


Number of servers: 1

Server locations: 1

Maximum devices supported: 5

Data limit: 500MB per day

24/7 live chat: No

Reason to use- 

-500MB daily data allowance

-Easy to use

-Useful Chrome extension

The Hotspot Shield Free VPN is one of the top-rated VPN providing their best possible services to the users. It has a premium-paid version where the user is prompted to pay a specific amount to use the VPN web services.

Well, this may sound quite shocking but this VPN also has a free version to be used. This is the sole reason due to which this VPN service has become the most popular one. The Hotspot Shield VPN offers 500 MB of data to be used. This is their data usage limit. It may seem to be so less, but it is far more than any other VPN offerings. For the ones who are looking for security, a hotspot shield VPN can be of great use for them.  In addition to this, the Hotspot Shield VPN is also known to have a neat and clean user interface. Thus, it does not require any extra tool to guide you on the ways to use the VPN. 

You can select yourself to be the one accessing restricted websites all the way down from 70+ odd countries. By paying $2.50 for the premium version, you can browse whatever you want. Whereas on the free version, you are restricted to a US-based server location that the VPN finds out for you. 

Proton VPN Free-

Some general data allowance of this VPN are as follows-


Number of servers: 3

Server locations: 3

Maximum devices supported: 1

Data limit: Unlimited

24/7 live chat: No

Reason to use- 

-Unlimited data allowance

-Great privacy

-Several server locations

-Intuitive desktop app

Proton VPN is the other most admirable VPN service provider that is preferred by a majority of clients. It offers no limit on data usage, which gives you the freedom to surf the internet all day. Besides this, there are many more notable features to be considered.

Providing unlimited data usage, Proton VPN is setting high standards as no other VPN providers could barely offer it. Proton VPN has 3 server locations- the US, Japan, and, Netherlands. Their services are exclusive and can be used on Windows, Mac, Android, and on iPhone as well. Thus giving a wide range of compatibility options to the users. With all these benefits, there comes a disadvantage as well. The VPN service is unable to bypass exclusive websites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. This can dishearten most of the users, but things go this way only. Proton VPN provides no P2P support, thus you may end up facing speed issues frequently. The providers clearly state that the user needs to upgrade to the free version if they are supposed to stream the content. Although, the browser is still considered best for free streaming as it does not require any logging info as well. You can enter just with your email address and a username. 

Windscribe Free-

Some general data allowance of this VPN are as follows-


Number of servers: 10+

Server locations: 10+

Maximum devices supported: 1

Data limit: 10 GB per month

24/7 live chat: No

Reason to use- 

-Excellent privacy

-Up to 10 GB per month of free data

– R.O.B.E.R.T is very useful.

Windscribe VPN offers excellent services of what they are really proud of. Of course, it is just a matter of service and user experience. It offers an onerous data allowance with an assurity of protecting your privacy, no matter what! They deliver 2 GB of bandwidth for a month if the user is signing up anonymously. But for those, who have a valid email address submitted to them, they deliver 10 GB which is not at all bad. Windscribe allows the users to pick a server location of their choice. They have 11 server locations as options for the user to select one. They are- UK, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, Turkey, and eight US VPN cities. 

You can add a chrome extension to access the VPN directly on your desktop. Thus, you can surf all across the world within a minute. The free VPN of windows isn’t really capable of bypassing the regional locks from specific content. But this is where Windscribe enters. It allows the users to get entire access to the exclusive streaming content for free. The VPN doesn’t even capture your logging activity, visited sites, and other browsing history making it much easier for you to protect your privacy. 


Some general data allowance of this VPN are as follows-


Number of servers: 1000

Server locations: 20

Maximum devices supported: 5

Data limit: 500 MB per month

24/7 live chat: Yes

Reason to use- 

– User-friendly interface

– Security assurance

– Compatible with both desktop and android

Tunnelbear is taken away by Mac’s free security that provides it a stable infrastructure with a decent investment amount. But they offer free VPN services for all the users out there. The other most likable thing in the Tunnelbear VPN is its neat, clean, and easy-to-use application. But the other most challenging part is its data usage limit. It restricts you to 500 MB of data each month. This limit is quite low as you won’t be able to browse the internet for the entire day. This means that you can use it only at times when you need to have extra security added using the VPN.

The best part about using the TunnelBear VPN is that it does not impose restrictions on the server location. It offers 20+ countries, out of which the user can select one of his/her choices. 


Some general data allowance of this VPN are as follows-


Number of servers: 1000+

Server locations: 50+

Maximum devices supported: 1

Data limit: 10 GB per month

24/7 live chat: No

Reason to use- 

– User-friendly interface

– Performance booster

– Amazing privacy

Speedify VPN justifies the name as it maintains a decent and constant speed while the data is being encrypted in the background. The VPN providers are genuine enough to boost your performance in every possible way they could. They generally connect an ethernet connection with a mobile network connection to maintain the normal flow of the connectivity speed. The providers do offer a wide range of facilities to the free version users, but still, they face a restriction on the data usage of files to be downloaded. The users get to enjoy 2 GB of data per month. 

One thing that you should remember about the Speedify VPN is that it is a US-based company due to which the VPN is subjected to federal warrants. So use the VPN accordingly.

How To Choose A Free VPN?

Over the past few years, everyone has witnessed a huge growth in the upcoming online threats. These threats are closely related to the anonymity and security of the users. This is why “how to choose the best free VPN for pc”  has become a must-ask question. Here are the top 5 things you must look at before getting a free VPN for windows.

  • Logging Activities Of The Provider- The user’s logging activity is what makes you differentiate between the best free VPN for pc. If the provider erases your logging activity once your session expires, you can somewhat trust them. This point is clearly mentioned in their license agreement under the Terms and Conditions section.
  • Signing Up Being Anonymous- If the provider lets you sign in to the VPN without your actual email address and the one accepting Bitcoin payments can be considered the best of what you can get. In case you fail to get such a service, it makes no sense to use that VPN.
  • Worse Possibilities To Lose Something- Before starting with a VPN, you must closely look at the corner cuts that you can ever face. Some providers are really helping as they offer free bandwidth with unlimited data. So, always check the things you must lose by going free. 
  • Ways In Which It Is Helpful- You should always consider the ways in which your PC is being protected. The providers use an application whose purpose is to encrypt your data. But your PC is still at risk as the data can be accessed by fingerprints. 
  • Business Model- You need to understand the business role of the VPN provider. If earning money is their only motive, or they are planning to sell your data to other third parties that may invade your privacy.

How To Get A Premium VPN For Free?

All of you must know that most of the VPN services are paid. They either have a premium subscription or any other subscriptions that a user can select according to their needs. So, are you still in confusion about whether to get either a premium version or to use the free version?

The Providers are good enough to offer a free trial of all of their premium paid versions. Select the best VPN for trial and get started. 

All the best VPN services allow the users to enjoy a 30-days free trial. Also, some providers even extend their policy to a 45-days refund policy. You can easily get your refund within a period of 45 days.

The providers offer the best services that they could possibly deliver. They are quite straightforward as they are even ready to get your money back to you. You can get it easily, without any trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the benefits of using the best free VPN for pc?

After hearing all the cons of having the best free VPN for pc, let us now look at the right side of this. Here are some of the pros of using a VPN.

  • A VPN helps you to add extra security to your data by encrypting all the files, especially when using a public Wifi or hotspot. 
  • The VPN allows you to bypass some of the restricted websites and links to get access to greater content online.
  • It helps you to stay anonymous till the time you are browsing over the internet.
  • Why is a premium VPN considered the best?

           Premium VPNs are often considered the best as they are the most reliable and 

           secure way of hiding your real identity. Here are some of the benefits of having a 

           premium-paid VPN.

  • It does not offer any restriction on data usage. Thus, you get to experience unlimited bandwidth.
  • Premium VPNs are capable enough to protect numerous devices. 
  • These VPNs can break all the restrictions on the geoblocks and other streaming websites such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, etc.
  • Why does free VPN cap their services?

All the VPN providers cap their VPN services to reduce the maintenance cost. They capped their data, bandwidth, and speed to maintain the balance. In order to repair, manage, and upgrade the VPN is quite inexpensive. Users are always attracted to the free VPN for windows 10 as they offer a decent VPN service.


Hopefully, you now have got an idea about the best free VPN for pc. We tried to compress all the necessary information about all the best VPNs for pc in one article. Here, we have mentioned everything related to the VPN for pc. All the safety measures, the advantages, and the disadvantages of having a free VPN for windows are mentioned here. Also, there’s a list of all the best free VPN for pc. So, you can refer to the above sections to know which one is the best to use! 

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