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Best Torrenting Sites In 2022 [100% Working & Free]

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Torrents have been a common practice for years. Torrent sites and clients are a way through which a user can distribute the file over the internet. Torrent websites operate using the BitTorrent protocol that allows P-2-P file sharing.

Torrent websites are a source of getting magnet links for various media types such as movies, TV shows, web series, etc.

Torrent websites allow you to get access to this content using torrent clients as a medium. Numerous torrent websites are working on the internet. They provide free access to all the newly released content. 

But which torrent website can you use? Not every torrent website is safe. There are certain risks associated with these websites. They tend to put your personal information at stake. This may lead to the disclosure of your browsing activity. Before downloading any content, make sure to know whether the content is copyrighted or not. In case, the content has been copyrighted, try to avoid downloading that content as it may cause you inconvenience. 

It is crucial to identify the risk associated with each website you access. You must know the active working websites that provide an assurity to keep you safe. In this article, we will learn about the best torrenting websites that may help you to ensure safe torrenting. 

Best Torrent Websites 2022 – Quick List:

Let us introduce you to the best torrenting sites that are reliable and genuine to get your hands on. If you want it to be short and quick, we have created a list of all the best torrent sites. Here are the 10 top torrent sites that you must try to ensure safe torrenting.

  • Torrent Downloads
  • Zoogle
  • The Pirate Bay
  • 1337x
  • TorLock
  • Torrentz2
  • LimeTorrents
  • YTS
  • Kickass Torrents

This is a quick list of torrent websites. We have a detailed version of some of the best torrent websites in the below section. 

How To Choose The Best Torrent Websites?

Choosing the best torrenting sites is the most difficult task. This is because of the issues that come in handy with getting the false torrent sites. So, here are some common parameters you must look at before choosing the best torrent sites for you. 

  • P2P Optimized Servers- P2P servers help you to connect with various other torrents. Thus, you can share files through all these P2P servers. You can get access to all the files without any restrictions.
  • Download Speed- Always select the site that has a higher download speed. This is something that helps you to select the best choice for yourself. Every torrent website has its own downloading speed that depends on your internet connection as well.
  • Security- This is the essential feature of a torrent website. Security should be your first priority. Internet platforms often have multiple shady torrent websites that may risk your security for sure. So, determine the security of a website and select accordingly. 
  • Library Size- Every website includes a database of the content available on it. You need to search it by visiting the websites individually.
  • Automatic Kill Switch- This feature is concerned about the safety of the users. It protects you from the unknown harms at times when your VPN suddenly becomes inactive. This helps you to prevent your information from being leaked.
  • Monthly Traffic- This is the most important factor that you must observe. The monthly traffic of a website helps you to determine the popularity and the authenticity of that site. The more number of seeders and teachers for a website, the more popular it is. 

Things To Remember Before Torrenting:

Although we do have some of the best torrent websites, still your safety lies within your hands. There are some things that you may be concerned about before using any torrent website. 

  • Hide your IP Address- This is something really important. You must hide your IP address while using any torrent website. If you do not hide your IP address, you will be exposed to the torrenting world. People will get to know your activity and other details. 
  • Use a Safe Browser- Before starting either of the torrent sites, always make sure that the browser you are using is a safe one. Do not use the ones that can store your browsing history. Use Google Chrome instead of any other browser as it is the most reliable one.
  • Use a Secure VPN- VPN is a must-to-have tool while entering the world of torrent websites. It helps to keep you safe while preventing your activity from being tracked. Moreover, using a secured and reliable VPN can help you get a better user experience while torrenting. 

Best Torrent Sites 2022:

From the above quick list, we have seen the top torrent sites that are reliable and easy to use. But do you know why they are one of the most popular torrent websites? It is because of the services and the features they offer to the visitors. So, in this section, we will learn more about these websites in detail. 

KickAss Torrents

Kickass torrents is one of the most popular and the oldest torrent websites serving people of all ages. The website was originally invented in the year 2008. Since then, it happened to serve the people without any issue. The website was quite popular as the developers somehow managed to gather the audience. The website has millions of visitors which is quite more than that of The Pirate Bay. 

However, the website faced some legal issues and was forcefully shut down. The developer was arrested too. This was a sudden breakdown for the owners. 

But the team again began to work in mid-2008 and the site began to work. But this was done through mirror links. Not the same domain helped out. The mirror link features a P2P file-sharing method. Thus, one can easily get the desired content through other users. The website contains a huge database of content. Thus, acting as one of the best sources of entertainment that too for free.

Some of the active working mirror links of the website are-; ;

The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is the world’s best-known torrent site that serves 50+ million users in a month. The website owns the largest database collection of a variety of media such as movies, TV shows, web series, etc. Based on this database, the website is popularly known as the King of P2P file sharing. The website holds 30+ languages of content so that you can get the content in every possible language. However, the website was shut down in 2020. But it still somehow managed to get back its work by avoiding several takedowns. 

The website focuses primarily on the safety of visitors. It verifies the authenticity of both the seeders as well as the visitors. This feature makes the torrent website more secure.  

Some of the active working mirror links of the website are- ; ;


Limetorrents has a huge torrent library that holds several media types and other content that attracts users. All the media content is divided into various categories that make it easier for the users to search for their desired content easily. The website provides all the top releases so that you can download them easily. 

Since downloading any copyrighted content is illegal, therefore, you must look before downloading the torrent file. 

Some of the active working mirror links of the website are-,,,,,


RARBG is another most widely used torrent website which is one of the top-leading websites among its other competitors. The website is known to have a huge directory of torrent websites and other media files. RARBG was established in 2008 and has been serving the audience since then. It attracts 40 million visitors a month. 

RARBG is known to verify every torrent uploaded on the website, the faulty ones are discarded from the initial stage. You can search out the torrent file using the size, and year of release. Thus, you can easily filter out the desired search using these parameters. 

Some of the active working mirror links of the website are-,,


The other most commonly used top torrents size is the 1337x website. This website holds a wide category of data and media files that can help you find your desired content. It provides content such as movies, shows, series, etc. besides this, some of them use it to find game torrents as well. 

The website holds the third position in the list of best torrenting sites. The website is known to have gathered a lot of visitors that are around 50+ million. 

It offers secure torrenting as it prevents your privacy by hiding your true identity and letting you stay anonymous. 

Torrent Sites That We Do Not Recommend:

After reading the above topics and knowing about the top torrent sites, we will now discuss another interesting topic. Here we will see some of the worst-rated torrent websites that we are never going to recommend to the users. 

This means that you cannot trust all the paid torrent websites. As some of them may harm your device. 

  • Torrent9- This website is not at all worth its use. It is because the website supports multiple infuriating advertisements that may annoy the users for sure. Moreover, the website redirects the users to other links that are on the suspicious list. And these suspicious websites do contain malware, viruses, and other harmful sources. Thus, using this website may be prone to malware and viruses. 
  • PassThePopcorn- This website does not support redirection to other links. Instead, they prompt the user to register themselves on the link. Registering yourself means you need to enter your details and information. This may lead to the disclosure of your information if not genuine.
  • IPTorrents- The other website in the list of avoidable torrents is the IPTorrent. This website has no direct risk associated with its use, but it has some cons that may be dangerous. It involves a registration step which is to be done while getting the paid membership. 
  • Torrent Bay- This website has no harm but the reason for which it lost popularity is its directory. The website’s database now has a few contents only due to which the visitors are no longer attracted to the website. 
  • SumoTorrent- The Sumo torrent website causes inconvenience to the users. Also, its shady activities make it more unrealistic for the users to trust it. Hence, you should not risk your privacy by using this website.

What Can You Download From Torrent Sites?

People are already aware of what to download from the best torrenting sites, which is why they reach out to this. 

But the problem lies with the beginners. It is because some content on the torrent sites is copyrighted infringed that may land you in trouble. So, you must know the content that you can download from the best torrent sites. Here are the types of content available to download from these sites.

  • Movies- As far as you are away from downloading the newly-released content, you are on the safer side. You can download a variety of movies from torrent websites. You can find a large database of a collection of movies. 
  • TV shows and Web Series- Just like movies, the top torrent sites also include numerous BCC TV shows and other web series. Thus, you can download them easily on your devices without using any OTT platform.
  • Software, Games, And Other Applications- Some of the old software and applications are not available on the app store. Thus, you can find all those missing applications and software on the best torrent sites.
  • Academic Staff And Ebooks- The best torrent websites also provide academic resources for the students to get them easily. You can get your e-books, courses, magazines, courses, and other stuff easily for free. 
  • Songs And Other Audio Media- As some of the song applications are paid, the users look out for free alternatives. Torrenting websites are one such alternative. They offer a variety of audio and songs in Mp3 format that can be downloaded on your device. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions. In this section, we try to solve all the queries and problems of the users. The questions are discussed below.

  • Is it necessary to use a VPN while using the torrent site?

Of course, it is an important tool that you must be using while accessing torrent websites. The torrent websites are not 100% safe and secured due to which you need to protect your activity from the seeders and other trackers. A VPN allows you to connect to a reliable website that offers military-grade encryption. VPN makes it possible for the websites to activate their automatic kill-switch feature, DNS leak protection, etc. using a VPN with a no-log policy enabled, you can prevent your online activity from being tracked by any third-party outsider. 

A VPN also helps the throttling of your internet bandwidth. Some ISPs tend to lower the range of your bandwidth if they see your online activities. Thus, protecting your activity can help you solve this issue. 

  • How to use torrent sites?

Using a torrent website is not as complicated as it seems to be. You first have to download a torrent client on your device to access the website without any inconvenience. It acts as a medium between the user and the website. The purpose of torrent websites is to analyze the metadata on your torrent and then pair the data with other users. This way other users can share files with you. 

You can also search your desired file from the search bar and match it up with the results. Once you have found the desired file, download it on your device.

Also, you can get a magnetic link through the torrent client. 

  • Why are some of the torrent websites being blocked?

Blocked torrenting sites are the results of government actions and control. Some websites do provide copyrighted material without the permission of the owner. This means, using the copyrighted material this way is an illegal practice. Thus, the government tends to block such ISPs that work illegally. 

At times, when you access such websites, you may see a warning over the website. 

Besides this, finding an effective torrent website is not a common practice. You need to work hard to get this. 


Hopefully, this article has helped you to get the best torrenting sites. Out of all the websites running on the internet, it is difficult to identify genuine and safe websites. We have also created a list of all the top torrent sites for the users who were unknown to these websites. 

Since torrent websites are considered illegal, therefore some of the torrent websites may be banned by the government. Thus, it is always advised to use legal and secured torrent websites to download movies and other content safely. However, the above list includes all the best torrenting sites. You can use them to get your content for free. So, on this note, we would like to conclude this article. Do leave your comments to let us know if you have got the benefit from this. You can drop your queries as well.

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