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KMSPico Activator Download For Windows & Office [Updated 2022]

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There are many people who do not need genuine software for their work; they can manage with the same software or windows for a very long time. They can do their work with the same version of software for a very long time. We can assure this by that MS-Office 2007 is working between students, colleges, and interns in this time also. These people do not buy the genuine software and work with the copy.

But they do not know that there is a software or activator which allows its users to activate Windows and office so that they can use the full features without paying for it and that activator is KMSpico activator.

So let’s see what the KMSpico activator does.

What is KMS activator?

The word KMSpico came from Microsoft’s Key management server (KMS). As we know that it is a huge company and almost in every business and many large companies use its products. So they introduced a key management server. This server connects each machine to one another and then whenever you install a new copy of windows it will automatically activate it through this server.

KMSpico is an activator of Microsoft products. It allows its users to activate the products of Microsoft such as office or windows so that they can use the full features. If you are an user of windows or office then you must be aware that it comes with the 30 days of trial. After the trial expires, then you need to buy a license from Microsoft Company and then you can use its lifetime. When your trial ends you see most of the useful features aren’t working and you won’t receive any updates from Microsoft.

How KMSpico Activator does works?

It activates your Windows in free of cost. A user can then use all the features and can get updates from the Microsoft. It manipulates the key management server of the Microsoft and behave like it is a part of their server. And most surprising thing is that this activator is not illegal because you are using Microsoft’s own KMS system.

Features of KMSpico activator

KMSpico provides many feature to its users. Let’s see the features in detail.


KMSpico can activate almost all the versions of Windows. This is a very helpful software in activating all the versions of Windows. This does not activate it in any illegal way. It works on the basis that the privacy policy of the Microsoft keeps safe.


Now days a dealer who sells PC uses this activator to activate the Microsoft Office. KMSActivator can activate the any version of the Windows or office. To activate the latest version of office you should have the latest version of KMS Activator which can be downloaded fromtheir website.


This is the best feature of KMS Pico Activator that makes this software more popular and more valuable than from others. All the activators can not activate the server of windows but KMSpico can.


As I told earlier that this software is not illegal and it is a own software of Microsoft company. It is fully secure for the system and Microsoft will never consider you as the thief who is using an activator to activate the windows.


KMSpico is 100% free activator and will remain free for always. Only thing is that you  should must aware that this activator is free and never buy it from any website or from any person who is selling KMSpico Activator, beware they are scammers.


Unlike other activators, It provides you life time activation of the product you are using. It is like –“Ek time kardala to puri life jhingalala” until you uninstall them.

Your products need reactivation only that time when you reinstall them.


Most of the activators that activate your product in free show the advertisements on their software. But it is one of the exciting features of the KMSpico activator that it works with no ads. It will activate your OS and does not cause headache because of irritating ads.

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There will be no surprise if I tell you that this software takes the storage space that is less than the space needed for a single song. Yes, you heard right. It takes only 5MB of storage space.


It is a simple tool to use and you do not required to have the professional skills to use it. Anyone with basic knowledge of computer can use it. It has a user-friendly interface that helps everyone to use it in a easy manner.


 It can work on any bit supported processor whether it is 32-bit or 64 bit, which means that is N-bit activator.

Requirements for KMS tool –

There are no specific requirements for this activator. You can simply download it in your PC. The only condition is that it works on Windows OS and you should have at least 5 MB of storage space in your memory, which is less than a storage needed for saving a single audio song.

How to download KMS activator?

You can download this software by any website but it is recommended to download it from official website and be sure that you are not buying it. It is a free software available on Google and it only takes 5MB of your memory space.

KMS Activator

How to install KMSpico?

Follow these steps to install KMS.

Step 1: Disable your Antivirus.

The antivirus of your PC is the enemy of this activator so disable it before installing. If you are using Windows defender, then pause the real time protection on a temporary basis.

Step 2: Extract the Zip file

Click on the file and extract it. While extracting it will ask you for a password that is mentioned on the downloading page. Generally, it is 12345.






Step 3: Click on exe. File

After clicking om .exe version you will see the installation window, click on OK and wait for a while, then it will be installed in your PC.

Now you can activate your windows or office by using KMSpico activator.

How to activate windows using KMS tool?

After the successful installation of KMSpico, you need to restart your system. After restart, follow these steps –

  1. Go to start menu in which KMSpico icon will appear.

2. Open the software by clicking on the icon. A new screen will appear with a windows logo and circular red button. Click on that red button and wait for a while.

3. A sound will play that will tell you that your task is completed.You will notice that windows logo background become green that is a green flag to you that your task is completed.

This is the simplest way to activate your windows just by clicking a red button icon.

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How to activate Microsoft Office using this activator?

To activate the Microsoft office in your PC using KMS tool, follow these simple steps :

1. Disable Your Antivirus as same as you did it while activating windows.

2. Open the activator.

3. Now it will show you a windows logo. This process is same as activation of windows but it is only showing the logo of windows.

4. The office logo will appear when you will open anyone of the Office product (Word or Excel) in the background.

5. Now, it will start appearing in KMSpico’s window.

6. Now, You only need to click on the red button and need not to specify the version of the product you are using.

7. As same as during the activation of windows, this time the background of the logo of office will become green.

8. This is the sign that your Office is successfully activated with all the features unlocked and it os now ready to use.

9. Restart your PC and check whether your Office is activated or not. If not then repeat the procedure.

FAQ’s :

Q1.  Will KMSpico steal your data ?

Don’t worry. Your data is safe and secure. It is just a activator not a hacking tool which will hack your personal files. It only works with the activation of product.

Q2. Will Microsoft ban me ?

There is no reality in this. This is totally fake. Many people are using this activator and none of them (including me) get banned or flagged. These are the only rumors but there is no truth in this.

Q3. Is it legal to use KMS tool?

No, It is not legal to use KMS tool. Because it does your task in free . It activates your windows  or products in free. But Don’t worry. Millions of people use it daily. There is nothing to worry about it.


KMSpico is the easies way to activate your windows and Microsoft Office. It gives you free activation forever. It is a risk free activator. The credit of this activator goes to Team Daz.

There are countless so called activators in the internet. But KMSpico is my favorite one because it has the easiest interface which is understood by everyone. It does not affect your personal data which is a most important thing.

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