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Stellar Data Recovery Professional Review 2022

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Stellar is a giant and well-known name among software brands for offering a variety of data utilities that helps users to take care of difficult situations. In this article, we will talk about the Stellar Data Recovery Professional and will give a genuine and unbiased review. Stellar Data Recovery for Windows will help you recover the data deleted by you, the virus, OS, or the application. All the corrupted or crashed hard drives, deleted and non-mounting partitions can get recovered using this software. The software also supports the data cloning that copies the complete file system to a new hard drive. 

In addition to this, Stellar Data Recovery is efficient and feature-rich software that also offers the options to scan the types of files, Scan folders, and preview the files when a scan is going on. Above all this, Stellar Data Recovery Professional can help data recovery from both Mac and Windows-based OS devices. I have used the software personally, collated all the data in this article. If you want to know more about the software, read this Stellar Data Recovery Professional Review.

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How Does Data Recovery Work?

Once you click on the delete button to remove the images or documents, an image or the document does not get removed from the memory card. It is just the pointer to the image or the document gets removed. The Pointer is said to be the lines of code, using which the digital devices are able to see the beginning and end position of the image or the document in the memory. As the Pointer gets removed, the digital space gets marked as free. However, when the memory card gets filled with more and more data, it gets a little tricky to recover the deleted data. That is the reason it is better to stop saving more data on the memory card.

The flash memory stays alive for longer, provided the data on the card is not overwritten with more data. The best way is to recover the data from the card as soon as possible, so the card is ready to get used again without damaging the card or misplacing the data. There are different software available in the market that provides a friendly and easy-to-use user interface and fast recovery time, Stellar Data Recovery being my favorite.

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What is Stellar Data Recovery?

Stellar Data Recovery is recovery software compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. It holds a good name in the data recovery and backup market. Earlier, it was called with different names, such as Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, Stellar Phoenix, and Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery. It is the best software that even the new learners or the natives can use easily to recover the corrupted, lost, or deleted data quickly. It also helps you to recover the corrupted hard drives or the data encountered virus attack. The advanced features offered by Stellar Data Recovery software help users recover data from an SD card, USB, or other storage media compatible with the device.

The software provides support to different file systems, such as FAT, NTFS, and ExFAT. Stellar Data Recovery software has paid plans in the range of Rs. 3,999. The charges increase as you want to get more advanced features. Stellar Data Recovery comes with four different plans, including for home users, for technicians, for professionals, and the premium plan. The software also has a Free Plan that allows the recovery of 1GB of data. You can choose a subscription plan according to your requirement and needs. The software allows the recovery of any type of data, such as images, documents, videos, and more. Let us know more about it in this Stellar Data Recovery Review.

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Stellar Data Recovery: Features:

Stellar Data Recovery is one of the top-notch data recovery tools, compatible with Linux, macOS, and Windows. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Review would be incomplete without knowing the features of the software. Talking about its features, it has robust features, providing excellent performance, and also helps in recovering the files over different locations as well as hard drives. Let’s jump ahead to know about the top-performing features of the Stellar Data Recovery tool.

  • Bootable Recovery Media Files:

This feature is only available with the paid version of Stellar Data Recovery. It allows you to restore data from crashed PC. It also creates bootable USB recovery media files that can start your crashed operating systems. This bootable USB accesses the storage drive and recovers the data lost.

  • Repair Corrupted Photo:

This toolkit repairs damaged photos. It doesn’t matter how much the photos are damaged. It can fix any distorted, blurry, grayed out, grainy, etc., image.

  • Repair Corrupted Video:

Stellar Data Recovery‘s this feature repairs any video file, whether shot with any top-class device or cameras, even in the HD quality, as this feature works wonders.

  • Cloning:

Through this wonderful feature, you can duplicate disks to other drives. Before a failing drive collapses, it gets you a copy of this. Even Stellars’ outdated version was also convenient.

Stellar Data Recovery: The Competition

As you already know, there are various data recovery tools and software available in the market that offer their best to the users and help them get their corrupted, lost, deleted files recovered through the advanced tools and features they contain. Stellar Data Recovery is also one of the best data recovery software suiting your requirements. Due to the massive competition in the market, each of these tools provides top-notch features with reasonable charges. If, anyhow or due to any reason, you do not use Stellar, you can use any other tool whose charges are comparatively lesser than Stellar. These tools or software include Recoverit Data Recovery, Veeam Backup & Replication, and Acronis Cyber Backup, and many more. 

But before looking for the competitions to Stellar Data Recovery Software, it is crucial for you to give priority to some of the most convenient factors it offers, which include reliability, data safety, user-friendly, and many more, because only the Stellar Data Recovery offer these all the advantageous features together, which you cannot avail in any other data recovery software or tool. So it would be the best option to go with this most eminent data recovery software over any other.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: Is it legal to use Stellar Data Recovery?

A: Of course, It is legal to use this convenient tool as it is trustworthy and most reliable by a large number of users across the globe. It is helpful in restoring as well as recovering media files from HDD/SSD, Mac, or Windows, and from other drives, which include CDs, DVDs, and USBs.

Q 2: Can I use Stellar Data Recovery for free?

A: Yes, you can use up to 1 GB of data and 25 MB of each file in its free plan. It is also a perfect plan for the starters, using for smaller media files like documents, short clips, and photos. Also, using this free plan, you can have an idea of what this tool can do for massive media files.

Q 3: What are the charges to use Stellar Data Recovery Software?

A: Apart from its free plan, Stellar Data Recovery provides various other plans that include Standard Plan at Rs. 3,999, Professional Plan at Rs. 5,599, and Premium Plan at Rs. 6,999 and all are available with a 1-year license.

Q 4: How much time does Stellar Data Recovery take to recover a file?

A: Recovery-time of any file through this software actually depends upon the Stellar’s Plan you have and the size of the file. On average, Stellar roughly takes approx. 15 minutes to recover the files of 10 GB through its free version. Stellar performs very quickly with its starter plan as well.

Q 5: Is my data safe with Stellar Data Recovery?

A: Stellar Data Recovery is the most trusted software, which is absolutely safe to use. Its installer contains no malware. This robust tool has its own Safe Data Recovery Process that ensures the safety of any data.

Q 6: How does Stellar Data Recovery Software deliver data to the users?

A: Stellar Data Recovery delivers data to its users in the external storage device, such as hard drive, pen drive, or any other sources. The users can also provide their own devices or purchase hard drives from Stellar, as well, at reasonable rates. Stellar copies the entire data to the hard drives that the users bought, and Stellar sends it back to them.

Final Verdict:

Overall, Stellar Data Recovery is a robust software and an excellent retrieval tool for media files with top-class modern business options. It allows users to retrieve lost or corrupted data from a PC or any external device. You might find the paid subscription plans a bit costly, but the services it provides work wonders, and it can easily impress anyone with the notch-higher performance. 

Stellar Data Recovery Software has a user-friendly interface so, you can utilize this tool without any hassle. With time, its updated versions with the latest features are available in the market. But the last updated version is superlative as compared to any other options in the data-backup industry across the globe. We hope the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Review provided in this article was helpful to you in knowing the software more.

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